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Eek! 2nd Place!

Hello to the blog-o-sphere! I am still alive and kicking it. Last week was definitely challenging for me, as I’m still not able to kick the last remnants of being sick a couple of weeks ago. I’ve got a cough that’s annoying as all get out, which has made swimming all but impossible. I did manage to make it out one night last week, but paid for it hard the next day. So, I’ve had to avoid swimming until last night, where I got back on track. It’s still a bit harder, but I was able to complete the mile. On top of that, I’ve been craving foods like crazy lately – I must have had something to trigger an insane craving for refined carbs…get behind me, white breads and pastas! You’re not welcome here.

Work has still been extremely crazy, as it seems that will be the status quo for the entire summer while all these simultaneous projects are going on. So, my blog-reading/writing time that I was able to achieve before on down time has been suffering – because believe me, after staring at a computer all day at work, I’m avoiding them at home!

So, I was so incredibly surprised and excited beyond measure to see that I’ve come in 2nd place in Allan’s Phase 5 challenge!! I knew I probably didn’t have a chance of catching up to Elizabeth C ( whoever she is! 😉 ) when I saw the stats last posted a month ago – but I’m so proud to know that at least I was the closest one to her…even if I was still way behind percentage wise. Now I’ve just got to take a pic of my feet on a scale and send it to Allan, Lol!

So, please imaging me sitting here doing the happy dance!

I'm so excited!


(ignore my giant nose please…) 😛

So, for Phase 5, here are my stats:

Click the Image for a Larger View

Once again – I’m incredibly grateful to Allan for putting all of this together. I’m enjoying Phase 6, even though it’s probably the hardest thing to get used to. My body put out great numbers for 2 weeks in a row, and last week’s number was bleh, so I’m hoping for a good number this week…one that may include a ONE as the first digit. That would make my freakin’ day!

Once again – thank you, Allan – as I told him in an email, I’ve lost more weight in the last 6 months than I ever did in the previous 16 years of trying. For him to put this all together for complete strangers and for FREE speaks truly of his character. I look forward to continuing my journey with him and the other Challengers – because I’m only halfway done!

That being said, I’m the one that freaking put down the fork and got my butt in gear, so now that credit has been given where it’s due – YAY ME! I’M FREAKING AWESOME!!! 😀



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Brain Sabbatical part 2 (Also known as the Brain Returns!)

I blinked and suddenly it’s Wednesday? Craziness!

Work has ramped up a LOT on me lately, so I’m hoping to keep some semblance of regular posting, but I can’t make any promises. It’s very exciting: a project which I am the lead on got green lighted by the big dogs! It’s very awesome, but since they want to do the launch on August 1st it looks like my summer just got crazy. I’m not trying to be cryptic of course, but yes purposely vague. 😉

In other news, my Brain has returned from sabbatical and I am back to following the plan to the letter. I’m over myself and the beating up process. But for my own record and such, here is the short version of what happened last week.

I finally did that thing that I said I wouldn’t do this time around. I started feeling awesome about the progress I’ve made and decided to “reward” myself with food. It was Mother’s Day, I was hanging with my family and they wanted to go to my parents’ favorite Mexican restaurant. Now, I’ve gone with them 1 or 2 times since starting on plan this year, but I’ve been very careful to stick to salad, no chips, etc. Well that night I decided that I deserved chips and salsa. And a meal.

Now going by calories alone, with estimating high, I never went over Phase 5 calories (1200 – I had not hardly eaten anything that day to save up!), but as I’m sure others out there can relate to…this sent me into some sort of downward diet spiral.

The week after that (last week), I was traveling for work where there were several business lunches and dinners. Then, the day I came back there was a funeral for a close family friend. And then Friday…well let’s just say beer and leave it at that.

Two things: 1.) I didn’t gain any weight. I was a little crazy, but I wasn’t stupid either. I ate non-plan foods, but kept tracking the calories as best I could and didn’t really go over the weekly total for Phase 5. Obviously though the foods were definitely not what they were supposed to be. The result was maintainance on my weight, which was not the best but also better than it could have been for sure.

2.) I’m almost glad this happened. It sucked and it was scary at the time, because I know so many times before when I “messed up” that it was over. I’d beat myself up about it, console with food and start the climb back up the scale. It was extremely, extremely hard to get back on track mentally. That one dinner on Sunday sent me into a week long madness it seemed. Now, it was an unusual week because I was out of my routine and had crazy things going on, but still – I have had crazy weeks before this one and did fine, even if I had to improvise.

But, I finally shook off the crazy this weekend, went to the grocery store, and had a nice long chat with myself. As I mentioned on Monday, I am hungry. Seriously – going from mostly liquids on Allan‘s Phase 6 trial, to way too many restaurant meals, and back to liquids? My body has definitely been screaming at me this week. Right now I am hungry for sure. But, I am mentally strong again.

So, work day is almost done. 5.5 bottles of water in, .5 to go + a large tonight. Swimming tonight as well. 🙂

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Finally, a Break

Ok, I am alive guys, I promise!

Lol, as mentioned before, work has been a bit crazed these last couple of days. A big presentation needed to be put together from our department for the big boss – and since I apparently assemble the nicest looking presentations, guess who has been working on that for 2.5 days? Yep, that’d be me.

The big presentation happens at 2pm today, so I might be working on it more before then (in fact I’d bet on it), but as I just sent draft #4 to my boss, I figure I have a couple of minutes to read and write in blog land. 🙂

So, Phase 6!

Phase 6 of Allan‘s plan is hard – I won’t begin to lie about it. But it is also easy, as I believe he pointed out yesterday. If you are good at eating the same thing every day, then you are set. This works for me, as I work best with a routine, and not having to think about calorie counting and choices for a few days is actually very nice. It’s all laid out, you don’t have to worry about measuring or counting…unless counting to 1 is hard. 😉

But, it’s also very hard. I really don’t think that I could have gone straight from eating like a fatty to this – so Allan, much respect to you for that!  It’s a shock to a system for sure. The fact that I’ve been living on 1200 cals or less per day since January I think definitely helped me transition to this. But it’s also like starting over again.

When I first started Allan’s now-defunct Phase 4 in January, there were nights that I went to bed hungry. I think it lasted about a week, maybe 2 weeks. This is definitely a reminder to me of that time. It’s hard, there are lots of tummy rumbles, but since I’m in a good place mentally, these are not bothering me – it makes me feel like something’s happening, you know?

Of course, the hardest part of this is coming up. Weekend’s are always hard. Going to my parents house tonight will be hard. Going to Abilene to see Brad (who is not on Phase 6!) and friends this weekend will be hard.

But, that just reminds me of the following quote, which I saw on a blog somewhere and wrote down…sorry I don’t remember who it came from though!

Losing Weight is Hard.
Staying Fat is Hard.
Choose Your Hard.

So, there you have it. I’ll continue to embrace the hard, because looking in my closet and not having hardly any choices because all my clothes are too big just made my morning! 😀


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