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Still on Track

I’ve been horrible at blogging (which seems to be an ongoing theme in the last year…does having children do that??), but I’ve been great and on plan in regards to eating! The weight is definitely coming off slower this time around, as I try to do this in a healthy and “real life” way…but I’m down 19 pounds already, so I’m feeling great about it!

I’ve been participating in some Instagram challenges (you can find me on Instagram as user verdouxkai):

Apparently planks were sent to Earth by Satan for torture...

Apparently planks were sent to Earth by Satan for torture…

The “challenges” are just to do a plank and a wall sit each day and record your time. I just take a screenshot with my phone and then upload to Instacollage to get them both on the same image. My times have been going up (though slowly!), and so it’s a nice little victory, I try to go up at least by 1 second…the plank is extremely difficult for me, so 1 second is just fine as a goal for me, lol!

My trying a new recipe per week has been going ok – last week was a little harder just because I wanted to try a slow cooker recipe…I bought all the ingredients, picked the day to do it on…and then realized that we had lost our slow cooker in the last move! I had the dish, but the part it sits in was gone. I vaguely remember that we must have thrown it away because the cord was damaged, but I was so mad! I didn’t have money in the budget to run out and buy one. Since some of the ingredients would go bad before I could buy one, Brad actually ended up making up a nice chicken and rice dish for us. So, technically I didn’t make something new, but we tried something new, lol!

One thing I DID make since my last post was Paleo Pancakes!

Easy to mix, but also easy to burn, so watch out!

Easy to mix, but also easy to burn, so watch out!

I found these on the web a while back and decided to try it one Saturday morning. I thought they were tasty, but I definitely want to try them again and play with it a bit. The mix came together really easily, but these suckers BURN really easily too. I don’t have a new griddle yet (another move victim), so I had to do it in a frying pan. I think a griddle will help the burning issue a lot! Here is the recipe if anyone is interested:


  • 2 bananas
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon of nut butter (I used Almond Butter, but it’s expensive!)
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon (optional)


Mash the bananas in a bowl. Add the egg and almond butter and cinnamon. Mix until combined. Heat a frying pan (or griddle!) on medium heat and use 1/4 cup measuring cup to pour each pancake. Once you start seeing bubbles on the pancakes, flip them. (I would definitely keep checking though, I never seemed to see bubbles and when I finally did flip one, they were burned!)

This recipe makes about 6 or 7 small pancakes. They aren’t as “fluffy” as pancakes, and of course taste a lot like banana. I topped mine with a tiny bit of honey, and Brad used regular maple syrup. Reagan just smashed them up and turned it back in to goo…which is pretty much normal these days.

"What? Doesn't everyone eat this way?"

“What? Doesn’t everyone eat this way?”

Anywho, I just wanted to reach out and tap the blogging land to let you know that I’m still alive! Mothers: have you found that having young children saps your time to blog, etc? I need balance ideas!



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Heck Yes I Did!

I totally went to the gym and worked out. Finally!

On Saturday morning I resolved myself that THAT would be the freaking day I finally make my 250+ pounds of fat matter get up, out and moving. Of course my dear husband decided he needed to go in to the office and get some things taken care of that day, so I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to get out myself, take Little Miss and try out the YMCA that I had signed up for a million years ago. I even went in to the Y on Friday on my way home from work to get a proper tour so that I would feel comfortable with where I needed to drop her off, where all the equipment was, etc. I didn’t feel brave enough to go swimming yet, but I figured I would work on an elliptical for a bit.

So cue Saturday morning, as hubby heads out the door for work, I fix Rea a bottle so she won’t get hungry while I’m gone and set her up in the living room eating while I grab her diaper bag and make sure she’s got all she needs. Brad left around 10am, and I was 99% sure that their day care was open until about 1pm, which would give me a good 2 hours to work out, cool down, and drop off/pick up Little Miss.

Until I saw the fridge. I had posted several of the YMCA’s schedules to the side of the refrigerator so I could have them handy. Pool hours, class schedules…day care…CRAP! That’s when I saw that the day care was only open until noon on Saturdays. It’s already nearly 20 after 10am. Cue me now running around my house like a crazy person! Grabbing diaper bag, daughter, water, keys, phone and bolting out the door.

I seriously came SO close to just say the heck with the whole thing, but I knew 30 minutes is better than NO minutes.

And it was. I was able to get 30 minutes on an elliptical, and I guess the fact that I was running around like a crazy person made my fear of leaving Rea in a strange new day care not nearly as bad. And she did great, of course. The second I set her down she was off and running to play and didn’t even notice my leaving…or even my return!

And my arse and thighs are STILL sore. I guess after 1.5 years of not working out, 30 minutes is just fine, lol!

I was panting by 2 minutes in, and wheezing by 20 minutes in, but I did it. The readout the machine gave me said…


But inputting my workout info in to MyFitnessPal (which takes my current weight into account) said that the workout burned around 516 calories. Either way, I know it burned SOMETHING.

So, there you go. I went to the gym, took my daughter to their day care, and the world didn’t explode. Baby step #1 (pardon the pun) to figuring out how to do this thing with a Little Miss to watch after. Brad shouldn’t be working late tonight, so I’m hoping to make another mad dash to get another 30 minutes in there.

Oh! And weigh in was yesterday, and I’m down another 2.6 pounds! As I mentioned my body usually doesn’t drop huge numbers but every 2 weeks, so I am totally happy with that. 12 pounds down…100 to go.

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This week so far is going great for me food-wise. I am able to stay focused on what to eat, what to not eat. The house food isn’t tempting me like it was last week, and getting my water in at work is a breeze (a 2 hour timer on my desktop definitely helps keep me on track!). So as I work and think and read and delve back into this world that I was so familiar with for so long, I keep coming back to one, huge problem.

When/where can I exercise?

Let me explain…when I initially lost my weight in 2011, Brad and I were living in different cities for the sake of careers. I stayed with my brother, but for the first time in my adult life (we married when I was 18), I was a bachelorette. I had no obligations to anyone, and a LOT of free time in a new/old city where I didn’t know many people. Every day I was on task. Wake. Work. Drive Home. Workout. Sleep. Beyond the weekends when Brad and I would see each other, that was it!

Now though…how the heck can I fit in workouts? Brad works late usually 3 out of 5 nights a week, leaving me to care for our 10 month old until he gets home…usually around 8:30 or 9. Then there’s bath-times, feeding time, bedtime…and then a couple of precious hours before we finally fall asleep ourselves, exhausted. So, I have some hard thinking and planning to do.

Our work has trade with a gym here in town, and I also found a membership to the YMCA, which has the town’s only indoor Olympic-sized pool. In 2011 after breaking my foot running, swimming became my thing. I swam in high school, and it became a great workout for me. Now that I’m heavier than I was when I broke my foot, I’m definitely a little worried as far as running goes. Both the gym and the Y have child care services, but I feel awful about picking up my daughter from day care just to take her to ANOTHER day care. Plus, the one night that Brad doesn’t work late and we aren’t usually running around is Thursday, and I enjoy spending our time with Rea together.

I don’t know, I am unsure at what point excuses are valid and when they are simply excuses. I feel that I would be hurting my daughter by taking her from one day care to another, but am I also hurting her by not getting healthier? The time that I would give up spending with Brad would only be temporary, but that’s also time I can spend with Reagan. And she’s!

It’s been suggested that I grab a jogging stroller and take Rea with me, but it’s cold here now. I have a jogging stroller, but I don’t think she’d like it one bit with cold air blowing all over her face. It’s a great option once spring is here.

Of course, there is still one very obvious choice, and one I haven’t even wanted to consider, though it’s been in the back of my mind. Waking up early. Like 5am early. Which I’m sure many of who read this will scoff and laugh and tell me to stop being so lazy – lots of people wake up at 5am. I’ve never been a morning person, to me it is a triumph that I now usually wake up naturally before 8:30am. But to consider waking at 5am, getting dressed and either driving to a gym or walking around the block is horrible. I’m still one to stay up until midnight…believe me I’m also considering working out after 10pm because that would honestly be easier in my mind. I just don’t know what to do here.

Luckily I am focused mainly on food for the immediate future. I knew if I tried to jump into both food and exercise 100% like I tried a few months ago would not go well, so I have a little time to plan. So please, mothers, help me out here? Is there a choice that I’m not considering?


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