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Still on Track

I’ve been horrible at blogging (which seems to be an ongoing theme in the last year…does having children do that??), but I’ve been great and on plan in regards to eating! The weight is definitely coming off slower this time around, as I try to do this in a healthy and “real life” way…but I’m down 19 pounds already, so I’m feeling great about it!

I’ve been participating in some Instagram challenges (you can find me on Instagram as user verdouxkai):

Apparently planks were sent to Earth by Satan for torture...

Apparently planks were sent to Earth by Satan for torture…

The “challenges” are just to do a plank and a wall sit each day and record your time. I just take a screenshot with my phone and then upload to Instacollage to get them both on the same image. My times have been going up (though slowly!), and so it’s a nice little victory, I try to go up at least by 1 second…the plank is extremely difficult for me, so 1 second is just fine as a goal for me, lol!

My trying a new recipe per week has been going ok – last week was a little harder just because I wanted to try a slow cooker recipe…I bought all the ingredients, picked the day to do it on…and then realized that we had lost our slow cooker in the last move! I had the dish, but the part it sits in was gone. I vaguely remember that we must have thrown it away because the cord was damaged, but I was so mad! I didn’t have money in the budget to run out and buy one. Since some of the ingredients would go bad before I could buy one, Brad actually ended up making up a nice chicken and rice dish for us. So, technically I didn’t make something new, but we tried something new, lol!

One thing I DID make since my last post was Paleo Pancakes!

Easy to mix, but also easy to burn, so watch out!

Easy to mix, but also easy to burn, so watch out!

I found these on the web a while back and decided to try it one Saturday morning. I thought they were tasty, but I definitely want to try them again and play with it a bit. The mix came together really easily, but these suckers BURN really easily too. I don’t have a new griddle yet (another move victim), so I had to do it in a frying pan. I think a griddle will help the burning issue a lot! Here is the recipe if anyone is interested:


  • 2 bananas
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon of nut butter (I used Almond Butter, but it’s expensive!)
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon (optional)


Mash the bananas in a bowl. Add the egg and almond butter and cinnamon. Mix until combined. Heat a frying pan (or griddle!) on medium heat and use 1/4 cup measuring cup to pour each pancake. Once you start seeing bubbles on the pancakes, flip them. (I would definitely keep checking though, I never seemed to see bubbles and when I finally did flip one, they were burned!)

This recipe makes about 6 or 7 small pancakes. They aren’t as “fluffy” as pancakes, and of course taste a lot like banana. I topped mine with a tiny bit of honey, and Brad used regular maple syrup. Reagan just smashed them up and turned it back in to goo…which is pretty much normal these days.

"What? Doesn't everyone eat this way?"

“What? Doesn’t everyone eat this way?”

Anywho, I just wanted to reach out and tap the blogging land to let you know that I’m still alive! Mothers: have you found that having young children saps your time to blog, etc? I need balance ideas!



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Last night my dear husband was kind enough (and got home from work at a normal time, so was able) to watch Reagan for me for an hour so I could steal a workout. I say “kind enough” as if he’s some sort of ogre who doesn’t pull his weight! Brad is actually an amazing husband, and an even better father. His dad was a deadbeat, so I think it’s very important to him to be incredibly involved with Rea.

But I digress. Suffice it to say I felt guilty for going and Brad told me to shut up and get out and work out. 😛

And I did.

And it was HARD. The second workout is kind of like the the third day of dieting. It’s usually a pretty crappy experience which takes a LOT of mental willpower to get it done.

But I did! Only another 30 minutes on the elliptical. I was huffing and puffing like an 80 year old smoker at about 10 minutes in. I was so much tougher than it was on Saturday. I was THIS close to stopping at 20 minutes, but I just stopped for about 20 seconds, took a drink, and mentally just said “no, we’re doing this.”

I am not so sore today, but I think tomorrow I’ll be hobbling like that 80 year old smokers mom.  😛

Some workout pics for your viewing pleasure…


I put my jacket up in a locker…and chose a number that would definitely remember! My starting weight…262

workout complete

Yay for another complete workout! Of course MyFitnessPal gave me more calories burned: 573


Post-workout face. It strategically hides my bad workout hair (hair is too short to wear a ponytail, so it’s a bandana basically), and my fat chin.

So that’s my 2nd workout experience. Yay for getting out again! I don’t know when I’ll be able to get out again this week yet, but I’m hoping to be able to go a third time before going out of town this weekend! 🙂

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Heck Yes I Did!

I totally went to the gym and worked out. Finally!

On Saturday morning I resolved myself that THAT would be the freaking day I finally make my 250+ pounds of fat matter get up, out and moving. Of course my dear husband decided he needed to go in to the office and get some things taken care of that day, so I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to get out myself, take Little Miss and try out the YMCA that I had signed up for a million years ago. I even went in to the Y on Friday on my way home from work to get a proper tour so that I would feel comfortable with where I needed to drop her off, where all the equipment was, etc. I didn’t feel brave enough to go swimming yet, but I figured I would work on an elliptical for a bit.

So cue Saturday morning, as hubby heads out the door for work, I fix Rea a bottle so she won’t get hungry while I’m gone and set her up in the living room eating while I grab her diaper bag and make sure she’s got all she needs. Brad left around 10am, and I was 99% sure that their day care was open until about 1pm, which would give me a good 2 hours to work out, cool down, and drop off/pick up Little Miss.

Until I saw the fridge. I had posted several of the YMCA’s schedules to the side of the refrigerator so I could have them handy. Pool hours, class schedules…day care…CRAP! That’s when I saw that the day care was only open until noon on Saturdays. It’s already nearly 20 after 10am. Cue me now running around my house like a crazy person! Grabbing diaper bag, daughter, water, keys, phone and bolting out the door.

I seriously came SO close to just say the heck with the whole thing, but I knew 30 minutes is better than NO minutes.

And it was. I was able to get 30 minutes on an elliptical, and I guess the fact that I was running around like a crazy person made my fear of leaving Rea in a strange new day care not nearly as bad. And she did great, of course. The second I set her down she was off and running to play and didn’t even notice my leaving…or even my return!

And my arse and thighs are STILL sore. I guess after 1.5 years of not working out, 30 minutes is just fine, lol!

I was panting by 2 minutes in, and wheezing by 20 minutes in, but I did it. The readout the machine gave me said…


But inputting my workout info in to MyFitnessPal (which takes my current weight into account) said that the workout burned around 516 calories. Either way, I know it burned SOMETHING.

So, there you go. I went to the gym, took my daughter to their day care, and the world didn’t explode. Baby step #1 (pardon the pun) to figuring out how to do this thing with a Little Miss to watch after. Brad shouldn’t be working late tonight, so I’m hoping to make another mad dash to get another 30 minutes in there.

Oh! And weigh in was yesterday, and I’m down another 2.6 pounds! As I mentioned my body usually doesn’t drop huge numbers but every 2 weeks, so I am totally happy with that. 12 pounds down…100 to go.

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So, thank you for all who responded on my last post. I realize of course that it probably came off a bit whiny, perhaps a bit “I can’t see the forest for the trees…” -ish. I find myself doing that so much lately. I do get a bit overwhelmed more easily these days. Being new mom, plus new job, plus plus plus. I am finding it easy to fixate and worry about things that are so silly now. Of course I can work out, of course I can make time. When I started this mess two years ago, I didn’t have a gym membership, I had free apps on my phone. I STILL have free apps on my phone, and a few minutes to do them. Even if I can’t make it to a gym but early on the weekends, I can still do that.


You can ask my husband and he would confirm that even though I usually know the answers before I ask, for some reason I find comfort in talking it out.

As for diet-land, I’m still doing well on the eating. I’m doing Fantastic in fact! Water is going great. I am expecting another loss this week, if my pants are any indication, of course I know that it will be a smaller number than last week’s. I recall that as I lose, usually my body exists on a 2 week cycle, where I’ll have a great number one week, and then a small or nonexistent number the next.

And last night, I cooked! As a backstory, I don’t cook. Seriously. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, but I’m really not that great at it. I’m a great baker, but I’m sure you can see where that doesn’t really help me. Brad has always been the cook out of the 2 of us, and I’ve been more than happy to let him cook while I take care of the cleaning of the kitchen after. But, he’s having to work late a lot more often, and now that we have Rea, I’d like to start a stronger tradition of us all eating together as a family, rather than me eating some yogurt while he has cereal and we watch TV. It’s easier that way, for sure, but I know that once I’m off of diet and in to “maintenance” land, eating “diet” food isn’t going to cut it when my family wants to have dinner. So, basically what I want to do is once or twice a week find a meal and prepare it – something that I can eat on-plan now, and something that can be incorporated in to our regular meals later when I’m in maintenance mode.

That being said, Brad is a freakin’ picky eater! So that limits a lot of my choices when I’m trying to find something we can all enjoy.

Yesterday, I set out on a mission to find a recipe we would like. I decided to try and think of meals that we’ve enjoyed eating in the past, and also take into account my rudimentary cooking skills. Meatloaf. I can’t really screw up a meatloaf, and Brad has always liked my meatloafs, so I finally found a great recipe for Turkey Meatloaf. I was pretty nervous, because Brad has never been very big on substituting Turkey for anything, but that was also years ago. He and I both have tried to become much for health-conscious since then, so I thought he’d probably give it a try.

Plus I just didn’t tell him what I was making.

I didn’t take any photos, but I should have! I grabbed the ingredients after work while he grabbed Rea from day care, and set to work. And of course, it’s nearly impossible to screw up a meatloaf. It was very delicious! And for only 258 calories, that’s awesome. I added some green beans as a side, and did not end up finishing the portion I had, so it was not only a great way to break up the monotony of what I’d been eating, but for less than what I had planned for calorie wise. It was also nice to sit down and have a proper dinner with Brad, and with Rea in her high chair munching on some broccoli and babbling at us the whole time.

As I mentioned, I want to perhaps try my hand at this cooking mess maybe twice a week – something easy on a work day, and then maybe something more complicated on the weekends.

So, those of you who cook, can you recommend any other great sites that have healthy, EASY recipes that I could try later?

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So {cautiously} Excited!

So I stepped on the scale yesterday very tentatively hopeful. I felt like my pants were starting to fit microscopically better so I thought I had for sure lost a few pounds, and I was not disappointed! 8 pounds of fatty nastiness was gone! Well, probably more like 8 pounds of mostly water weight released. I’m not stupid, I know that I would have to be suffering from some serious medical condition not to have produced a good number. But I will admit it was a bit higher than I was hoping for!

I’m finally over the new-diet-where-is-all-the-fatty-food headache that my body was putting me through last week. And I did “splurge” a bit this weekend on calories (not going over my max, but a bit over what I took in daily last week), but I was luckily able to splurge on things like extra eggs or broccoli or some other healthy choice. I came so close to a real cheat! It’s much harder doing this with a husband around, lol! He has been so great and supportive, almost TOO much so. He kept trying not to eat around me, or eat certain things around me, and I finally had to tell him that by doing that we was starting to make me feel very self-conscious and feel like I needed to break the diet to make HIM feel better. And besides, the world is going to watch what they eat around me, I have to get used to being surrounded by less-than-optimal choices and choosing the right ones.

We went to the grocery store last night and stocked up on many more healthy options for me to have. I think the biggest issue for me over the weekend was that there weren’t many healthy alternatives for me to snack on.

So here I am, and I can bet this week will be even harder…not because of hunger or my body being crazy…but because after seeing an 8 pound loss it’s easy to want to try and justify that one little treat…so, my next challenge is getting through week two! Wish me luck! 😉


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Eek! 2nd Place!

Hello to the blog-o-sphere! I am still alive and kicking it. Last week was definitely challenging for me, as I’m still not able to kick the last remnants of being sick a couple of weeks ago. I’ve got a cough that’s annoying as all get out, which has made swimming all but impossible. I did manage to make it out one night last week, but paid for it hard the next day. So, I’ve had to avoid swimming until last night, where I got back on track. It’s still a bit harder, but I was able to complete the mile. On top of that, I’ve been craving foods like crazy lately – I must have had something to trigger an insane craving for refined carbs…get behind me, white breads and pastas! You’re not welcome here.

Work has still been extremely crazy, as it seems that will be the status quo for the entire summer while all these simultaneous projects are going on. So, my blog-reading/writing time that I was able to achieve before on down time has been suffering – because believe me, after staring at a computer all day at work, I’m avoiding them at home!

So, I was so incredibly surprised and excited beyond measure to see that I’ve come in 2nd place in Allan’s Phase 5 challenge!! I knew I probably didn’t have a chance of catching up to Elizabeth C ( whoever she is! 😉 ) when I saw the stats last posted a month ago – but I’m so proud to know that at least I was the closest one to her…even if I was still way behind percentage wise. Now I’ve just got to take a pic of my feet on a scale and send it to Allan, Lol!

So, please imaging me sitting here doing the happy dance!

I'm so excited!


(ignore my giant nose please…) 😛

So, for Phase 5, here are my stats:

Click the Image for a Larger View

Once again – I’m incredibly grateful to Allan for putting all of this together. I’m enjoying Phase 6, even though it’s probably the hardest thing to get used to. My body put out great numbers for 2 weeks in a row, and last week’s number was bleh, so I’m hoping for a good number this week…one that may include a ONE as the first digit. That would make my freakin’ day!

Once again – thank you, Allan – as I told him in an email, I’ve lost more weight in the last 6 months than I ever did in the previous 16 years of trying. For him to put this all together for complete strangers and for FREE speaks truly of his character. I look forward to continuing my journey with him and the other Challengers – because I’m only halfway done!

That being said, I’m the one that freaking put down the fork and got my butt in gear, so now that credit has been given where it’s due – YAY ME! I’M FREAKING AWESOME!!! 😀


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But I’m Not Dead Yet…

Ok, all Monty Python references aside, I am crawling back to my keyboard today after a tough week. Not only was work insane this week, but in the middle of all the fun (in other words on Tuesday night), my body decided it was time to shut down with a lovely bout of the dreaded summer cold/allergy attack.

It is my opinion that there is nothing worse than a summer cold. Especially in Texas where let’s see…we had an awesome 111 degree day yesterday? That’s not a typo – one-hundred ELEVEN degrees. Yeesh.

So, I basically slept for two days straight, which seems to be the MO with my allergies these days. The system just shuts down and forces me to shut down with it. Somewhere in there I DID actually show up for work on Wednesday and run two conference calls…which I don’t really remember much of but apparently I did well. I guess that’s the cure for anxiety about speaking…be too tired to care what actually comes out of your mouth. In between I had a pillow in my office and the door closed. Thank goodness for great co-workers who totally covered for me.

I started coming out of my funk sometime on Thursday I believe, but had to run around 90-to-nothing to get everything else done for the week. I think I mentioned this before, but I think this is going to be a long summer… ><

On the diet/exercise front – the “good” thing about being sick is that I definitely don’t have the desire to eat anything – good OR bad. Chicken broth was right up my alley this week, not only is it a good source of taste on a low-cal diet, but also soothes a sore throat really well. All of that to say that I have lost more than I had thought I would so far this week, since all I’ve really done is lay on my butt, but I’ll take it and run!

I did get in swimming on Monday night before I got sick, but that’s been all this week. I know not to push it just yet. I went from marveling on Monday on how easy it was to walk up a flight of stairs, to huffing and puffing the next day because it’s hard to take a deep breath without coughing right now.

I made my way to Abilene this weekend to hang out with Brad, who is also battling the same symptoms as me, we’ve been perfect bums – me reading blogs, him working on some school something or other. We may go out shopping later as I think I’m finally going to have to wave the white flag and buy some new bras…60 pounds gone definitely makes the even my smallest sized old bras start to…er, droop I suppose. 😛

So. As of today I am 3 pounds away from One-derland. At this point it’s almost surreal and impossible to think about. I see the numbers on the scale, and I’m already lighter than I’ve ever been in my adult life, but I guess it’s not hitting me yet. I’m almost avoiding letting it hit me I suppose for fear that I would lose my focus and stop. I don’t think I would let that happen, I’ve come too far, but I guess until this new set of numbers stick around for a while I won’t really dwell on it. That’s kind of how I’ve dealt with my achievements this time around. I’ll wait about two weeks to make sure it’s not a fluke of the scale or my body before I’ll start to really acknowledge my milestones.

That being said, I have yet to decide on a “prize” for going beneath 200 pounds. Of course nothing food related. Right now I’m thinking either something simple like a new bathing suit for swimming (which, even though the foot is healed, I enjoy swimming so much that I definitely plan on keeping that activity around…and besides…111 degrees!!!), or maybe a bike – but I’ve never been a big biker and don’t know if I would use it enough to justify the cost (and 111 degrees!!!), or maybe something totally girly like new clothes or…a new seatbelt bag. I’ve had two of these over the last 3 years and I love them. Seriously, if you’re a woman and you are mean to your purse like I am (as in, I beat the crap out of them and they don’t last long), this is the perfect thing – they are quirky and fun and I’ve had my last one for almost 2 years and it still looks brand new. You cannot hurt these thing I think unless you set them on fire or something. But I’m also a cheap-o and I don’t know if I could justify spending that much on a purse right now…

And of course while writing this post I just found this…which matches my purse and may have a siren song too strong to resist…

Any other suggestions out there for a good One-derland prize? 😉

Oh and by the way, thank you so much to the ladies who answered my last blog post about clothing sizes and such – it was so interesting that all the comments I received were from ladies my same height. I’m 5’6″ as well. 😉 Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks – I haven’t had time again yet to go out and explore some more “normal” stores – hoping to get a chance sometime this week! 🙂

Anyway, that’ s my update, I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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Where Do I Fit?

This last week was great for me – not only did I get back on track with the plan, but I had some great personal news and work was humming along. I’m still looking at being crazy busy over the next few months, but sometimes I feel like I do my best work when I’m swamped.

So, I’m starting to experience something new and very foreign to me – shopping in normal stores. I’ve bought some jeans at Old Navy a few weeks ago, but that was mostly to see if I could fit into them. Now, I’m finding that the majority of my old work clothes make me look like I’m a child playing dress up in Mom’s closet. So last Friday I set out to buy a couple of work shirts.

I’ve shopped almost exclusively at Lane Bryant for my entire adult life. This was the one place I could go and feel safe when trying on clothes. After too many dressing room experiences ending in tears (and a comforting pizza mostly likely) over the years, I knew that Lane Bryant was that one place where I could feel “normal” when looking for clothes. I wouldn’t have to find something gorgeous only to find that the largest size it came in was at least 2 sizes smaller than me. For years, if I walked into a store in the mall, a Target, or any place that sold clothes that didn’t say Lane Bryant on the outside (or Avenue, as I discovered that place only a couple of years ago)…I never even went into that section to see what was available – I knew that it would never be “available” to me.

So, on Friday when I decided to get a couple of new shirts, I definitely did it while trying to stifle some anxiety.

I started at a Kohl’s, because I knew they had a “women’s” section. I grabbed a few cute shirts, instinctively grabbing a 2XL. I figured that should be big enough for me, thinking that the cut of shirts in a “normal” store must surely run small. Well, those were too big. O.o I grabbed a 1X, which seemed to fit just right, and I was so surprised by how many options were suddenly open to me. I ended up choosing just one shirt that I couldn’t live without, and then repeated the process at Old Navy, where once again I was shocked to find that a 2X was too big.

So…here is my conundrum though…and where I’m hoping that maybe someone out there who has gone through this process before can maybe help me. This ignorance simply comes from years of avoidance of normal clothing stores:

At Kohl’s, the women’s section started off their sizing at 1X. Now, I know that “petites” section is supposed to be for ladies with short torsoes or legs, right? So I can’t shop there. There was also a section there called “Misses,” but their version of a 1X was definitely smaller…is this still the right section to start shopping next? Or is there some magical other section out there? Lol, I’m sure this is one of the all-time stupidest questions, but I honestly have no clue what section of a department store I’ll need to be shopping in in 20 pounds or so. Stores like Target and Old Navy aren’t hard to figure out, but I’m talking about when I need to find work clothes…has anyone out there gone through this? I figure I’ll Google this as well, but I just thought I’d see if anyone out there has any light to shed…

Anyway, sorry for a rambling post – yay for smaller clothes! That was definitely a mood-lifting NSV! Another one is this photo:

Jacket!!! O.o

So, I have developed, through the years, a sort of jacket addiction. Perhaps it’s a layover for being so overweight for so many years, and nothing covers up everything like a cute jacket. I found this jacket at Kohl’s on their sales rack and thought it was so cute! There was only one, and in an XL. I was sooooo tempted to get it, but it was almost too large on me (!!!). And since I plan to be smaller before it would be cool enough outside to wear this, I begrudgingly put it back on the rack. But not before I had Brad snap a photo of me in it.

Lol, so I guess yay for a clothes victory and an impulse by resistance victory. 😉

It’s Monday – rainy outside, but I’m 4 pounds lighter than I was this time last week. 2 bottles of water in, 4 to go today and 1 large tonight + swimming!


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Brain Sabbatical part 2 (Also known as the Brain Returns!)

I blinked and suddenly it’s Wednesday? Craziness!

Work has ramped up a LOT on me lately, so I’m hoping to keep some semblance of regular posting, but I can’t make any promises. It’s very exciting: a project which I am the lead on got green lighted by the big dogs! It’s very awesome, but since they want to do the launch on August 1st it looks like my summer just got crazy. I’m not trying to be cryptic of course, but yes purposely vague. 😉

In other news, my Brain has returned from sabbatical and I am back to following the plan to the letter. I’m over myself and the beating up process. But for my own record and such, here is the short version of what happened last week.

I finally did that thing that I said I wouldn’t do this time around. I started feeling awesome about the progress I’ve made and decided to “reward” myself with food. It was Mother’s Day, I was hanging with my family and they wanted to go to my parents’ favorite Mexican restaurant. Now, I’ve gone with them 1 or 2 times since starting on plan this year, but I’ve been very careful to stick to salad, no chips, etc. Well that night I decided that I deserved chips and salsa. And a meal.

Now going by calories alone, with estimating high, I never went over Phase 5 calories (1200 – I had not hardly eaten anything that day to save up!), but as I’m sure others out there can relate to…this sent me into some sort of downward diet spiral.

The week after that (last week), I was traveling for work where there were several business lunches and dinners. Then, the day I came back there was a funeral for a close family friend. And then Friday…well let’s just say beer and leave it at that.

Two things: 1.) I didn’t gain any weight. I was a little crazy, but I wasn’t stupid either. I ate non-plan foods, but kept tracking the calories as best I could and didn’t really go over the weekly total for Phase 5. Obviously though the foods were definitely not what they were supposed to be. The result was maintainance on my weight, which was not the best but also better than it could have been for sure.

2.) I’m almost glad this happened. It sucked and it was scary at the time, because I know so many times before when I “messed up” that it was over. I’d beat myself up about it, console with food and start the climb back up the scale. It was extremely, extremely hard to get back on track mentally. That one dinner on Sunday sent me into a week long madness it seemed. Now, it was an unusual week because I was out of my routine and had crazy things going on, but still – I have had crazy weeks before this one and did fine, even if I had to improvise.

But, I finally shook off the crazy this weekend, went to the grocery store, and had a nice long chat with myself. As I mentioned on Monday, I am hungry. Seriously – going from mostly liquids on Allan‘s Phase 6 trial, to way too many restaurant meals, and back to liquids? My body has definitely been screaming at me this week. Right now I am hungry for sure. But, I am mentally strong again.

So, work day is almost done. 5.5 bottles of water in, .5 to go + a large tonight. Swimming tonight as well. 🙂

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Less Broody

Just a quick mobile update. I’m feeling much better tonight.

I think I just needed to get all of that broodiness out in the open earlier, because shortly after I started to feel like “myself” again – or at least the dieting self that I’ve become over the last 4 months. No cheating, some craving, but I stayed true to phase 6 today.

But because I’m a sucker, I did weigh this afternoon, and I’m happy to report that the number was much lower than this morning – more of a number that I would expect to see with an afternoon weigh in. I know, I’m more than a number, and all that crap, but it sure did give me some relief. 😉

Oh and to Debbie and Princess, it may have been hormone related – not a period, but if I did actually ovulate on my own, then it should have happened sometime between sunday and today, so I can’t rule out the fact that it might be affecting my weight. 😉

I just got back from swimming about 20 minutes ago, and enjoyed my evening plan foods.

Anyway, I figured I wanted to end the day back on shiny and happy. 🙂


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