Squats + Wall Sit = PAIN!

So, back in the land of 2011 when I was a workout machine and not pregnant yet, I did lots of squats. I use the 200 Squats app and I really enjoyed it! I was up to week 6 when I stopped, which is the last week of the program…so I was a squatting fool! So on Tuesday while I was single-momming it as Brad worked late and was watching The Biggest Loser, what did I decide to do?

Hell yeah, let’s do some squats!

And did I start back at week one like a smart person? Nope. I decided I’d be all bad ass about it and start at Week 3. Week 3 includes 62 squats divided out across 5 sets…so that’s like 10-12 squats per set. That didn’t sound bad at all.

And now today, for the second day in a row, I am walking around stiff-legged like my toddler and screaming when I sit down to use the toilet from the knife-twisting pain in my thighs. My husband finds this amusing, and me, not so much…

Add on to that the fact that I decided to do a Wall Sit…and made it about 19.6 seconds before having to give up. And now I am in SO MUCH PAIN.

Food it good, water is good…pain is HORRID.

I’m off to find more Tylenol…

(And yes, I’m damn proud of the pain and will be doing squats again as soon as I can stand it!) 😛


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One response to “Squats + Wall Sit = PAIN!

  1. You know what the USMC says: “Pain is weakness leaving the body.” 😉

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