So, thank you for all who responded on my last post. I realize of course that it probably came off a bit whiny, perhaps a bit “I can’t see the forest for the trees…” -ish. I find myself doing that so much lately. I do get a bit overwhelmed more easily these days. Being new mom, plus new job, plus plus plus. I am finding it easy to fixate and worry about things that are so silly now. Of course I can work out, of course I can make time. When I started this mess two years ago, I didn’t have a gym membership, I had free apps on my phone. I STILL have free apps on my phone, and a few minutes to do them. Even if I can’t make it to a gym but early on the weekends, I can still do that.


You can ask my husband and he would confirm that even though I usually know the answers before I ask, for some reason I find comfort in talking it out.

As for diet-land, I’m still doing well on the eating. I’m doing Fantastic in fact! Water is going great. I am expecting another loss this week, if my pants are any indication, of course I know that it will be a smaller number than last week’s. I recall that as I lose, usually my body exists on a 2 week cycle, where I’ll have a great number one week, and then a small or nonexistent number the next.

And last night, I cooked! As a backstory, I don’t cook. Seriously. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, but I’m really not that great at it. I’m a great baker, but I’m sure you can see where that doesn’t really help me. Brad has always been the cook out of the 2 of us, and I’ve been more than happy to let him cook while I take care of the cleaning of the kitchen after. But, he’s having to work late a lot more often, and now that we have Rea, I’d like to start a stronger tradition of us all eating together as a family, rather than me eating some yogurt while he has cereal and we watch TV. It’s easier that way, for sure, but I know that once I’m off of diet and in to “maintenance” land, eating “diet” food isn’t going to cut it when my family wants to have dinner. So, basically what I want to do is once or twice a week find a meal and prepare it – something that I can eat on-plan now, and something that can be incorporated in to our regular meals later when I’m in maintenance mode.

That being said, Brad is a freakin’ picky eater! So that limits a lot of my choices when I’m trying to find something we can all enjoy.

Yesterday, I set out on a mission to find a recipe we would like. I decided to try and think of meals that we’ve enjoyed eating in the past, and also take into account my rudimentary cooking skills. Meatloaf. I can’t really screw up a meatloaf, and Brad has always liked my meatloafs, so I finally found a great recipe for Turkey Meatloaf. I was pretty nervous, because Brad has never been very big on substituting Turkey for anything, but that was also years ago. He and I both have tried to become much for health-conscious since then, so I thought he’d probably give it a try.

Plus I just didn’t tell him what I was making.

I didn’t take any photos, but I should have! I grabbed the ingredients after work while he grabbed Rea from day care, and set to work. And of course, it’s nearly impossible to screw up a meatloaf. It was very delicious! And for only 258 calories, that’s awesome. I added some green beans as a side, and did not end up finishing the portion I had, so it was not only a great way to break up the monotony of what I’d been eating, but for less than what I had planned for calorie wise. It was also nice to sit down and have a proper dinner with Brad, and with Rea in her high chair munching on some broccoli and babbling at us the whole time.

As I mentioned, I want to perhaps try my hand at this cooking mess maybe twice a week – something easy on a work day, and then maybe something more complicated on the weekends.

So, those of you who cook, can you recommend any other great sites that have healthy, EASY recipes that I could try later?


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