So {cautiously} Excited!

So I stepped on the scale yesterday very tentatively hopeful. I felt like my pants were starting to fit microscopically better so I thought I had for sure lost a few pounds, and I was not disappointed! 8 pounds of fatty nastiness was gone! Well, probably more like 8 pounds of mostly water weight released. I’m not stupid, I know that I would have to be suffering from some serious medical condition not to have produced a good number. But I will admit it was a bit higher than I was hoping for!

I’m finally over the new-diet-where-is-all-the-fatty-food headache that my body was putting me through last week. And I did “splurge” a bit this weekend on calories (not going over my max, but a bit over what I took in daily last week), but I was luckily able to splurge on things like extra eggs or broccoli or some other healthy choice. I came so close to a real cheat! It’s much harder doing this with a husband around, lol! He has been so great and supportive, almost TOO much so. He kept trying not to eat around me, or eat certain things around me, and I finally had to tell him that by doing that we was starting to make me feel very self-conscious and feel like I needed to break the diet to make HIM feel better. And besides, the world is going to watch what they eat around me, I have to get used to being surrounded by less-than-optimal choices and choosing the right ones.

We went to the grocery store last night and stocked up on many more healthy options for me to have. I think the biggest issue for me over the weekend was that there weren’t many healthy alternatives for me to snack on.

So here I am, and I can bet this week will be even harder…not because of hunger or my body being crazy…but because after seeing an 8 pound loss it’s easy to want to try and justify that one little treat…so, my next challenge is getting through week two! Wish me luck! 😉



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2 responses to “So {cautiously} Excited!

  1. mariekeates

    The beginning is always tough until you get into a routine. I like the 365 miles idea though. I could have done with that when I started out. Now I’m training for the a London Moonwalk (again) it would probably need to be more like 3650 miles in 365 days though lol 🙂

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