Where Do I Fit?

This last week was great for me – not only did I get back on track with the plan, but I had some great personal news and work was humming along. I’m still looking at being crazy busy over the next few months, but sometimes I feel like I do my best work when I’m swamped.

So, I’m starting to experience something new and very foreign to me – shopping in normal stores. I’ve bought some jeans at Old Navy a few weeks ago, but that was mostly to see if I could fit into them. Now, I’m finding that the majority of my old work clothes make me look like I’m a child playing dress up in Mom’s closet. So last Friday I set out to buy a couple of work shirts.

I’ve shopped almost exclusively at Lane Bryant for my entire adult life. This was the one place I could go and feel safe when trying on clothes. After too many dressing room experiences ending in tears (and a comforting pizza mostly likely) over the years, I knew that Lane Bryant was that one place where I could feel “normal” when looking for clothes. I wouldn’t have to find something gorgeous only to find that the largest size it came in was at least 2 sizes smaller than me. For years, if I walked into a store in the mall, a Target, or any place that sold clothes that didn’t say Lane Bryant on the outside (or Avenue, as I discovered that place only a couple of years ago)…I never even went into that section to see what was available – I knew that it would never be “available” to me.

So, on Friday when I decided to get a couple of new shirts, I definitely did it while trying to stifle some anxiety.

I started at a Kohl’s, because I knew they had a “women’s” section. I grabbed a few cute shirts, instinctively grabbing a 2XL. I figured that should be big enough for me, thinking that the cut of shirts in a “normal” store must surely run small. Well, those were too big. O.o I grabbed a 1X, which seemed to fit just right, and I was so surprised by how many options were suddenly open to me. I ended up choosing just one shirt that I couldn’t live without, and then repeated the process at Old Navy, where once again I was shocked to find that a 2X was too big.

So…here is my conundrum though…and where I’m hoping that maybe someone out there who has gone through this process before can maybe help me. This ignorance simply comes from years of avoidance of normal clothing stores:

At Kohl’s, the women’s section started off their sizing at 1X. Now, I know that “petites” section is supposed to be for ladies with short torsoes or legs, right? So I can’t shop there. There was also a section there called “Misses,” but their version of a 1X was definitely smaller…is this still the right section to start shopping next? Or is there some magical other section out there? Lol, I’m sure this is one of the all-time stupidest questions, but I honestly have no clue what section of a department store I’ll need to be shopping in in 20 pounds or so. Stores like Target and Old Navy aren’t hard to figure out, but I’m talking about when I need to find work clothes…has anyone out there gone through this? I figure I’ll Google this as well, but I just thought I’d see if anyone out there has any light to shed…

Anyway, sorry for a rambling post – yay for smaller clothes! That was definitely a mood-lifting NSV! Another one is this photo:

Jacket!!! O.o

So, I have developed, through the years, a sort of jacket addiction. Perhaps it’s a layover for being so overweight for so many years, and nothing covers up everything like a cute jacket. I found this jacket at Kohl’s on their sales rack and thought it was so cute! There was only one, and in an XL. I was sooooo tempted to get it, but it was almost too large on me (!!!). And since I plan to be smaller before it would be cool enough outside to wear this, I begrudgingly put it back on the rack. But not before I had Brad snap a photo of me in it.

Lol, so I guess yay for a clothes victory and an impulse by resistance victory. 😉

It’s Monday – rainy outside, but I’m 4 pounds lighter than I was this time last week. 2 bottles of water in, 4 to go today and 1 large tonight + swimming!



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3 responses to “Where Do I Fit?

  1. I have just started in the last couple months checking out NORMAL stores. At first in March, I needed XXL and some XL. Now, I’m XL and L. I even bought a dress last night at Express (where I’d go with hubby to pick stuff for HIM< but they never had stuff for ME~). I fit into a L dress (granted, must have been a looser/roomier L, hahah). XL seems to be perfect in most things right now as I edge to L in others.

    I shop in the WOMEN'S right now or just whatever is labeled mroe generally. Like TJ Maxx, I go to the active and women's and look at the general racks for L and XL. I stay away from petites or juniors, natch.

    For reference, I'm 5'6 (regular/average) and 198 lbs. I went to Sports Authority, and L and XL fit,depending on brand/style.

    I think your best bet is to just try stuff on and see where you fall, just try a bunch of stuff from various areas. Hold the stuff up to your body and see if it goes to the halfway point (ie, side of body or waist to side of body or waist). If it reaches midpoint, it'll likely fit. Unless you're very squishy, then it can be shorter than midpoint and the skin/fat/looseness will compress.

    I'm so glad to buy in normal stores. I went on a bit of a shopping binge this month (like 1100 bucks) between shoes (smaller size, not wide) and clothing (especially a lot of workout clothing so I can keep losing).

    Note: Old Navy is notorious for vanity sizing. Even when I bought their stuff morbidly obese, it was ridiculously smaller sizing. I think it's to make us feel better. ; )

    Best of luck figuring out your place in the normal shop world.

  2. Since Princess gave you her size I’ll do mine just to give you a reference too. I too am 5’6″ tall, 175 lbs and just got into a size 14 bottoms and a large top. I’ve always had to shop in the plus sizes so being in a normal size is great and really exciting too. I am waiting to finish my weigh loss to really go out and buy some clothes, new to me kind…not the thrift store or hand-me down kinds.
    Keep up the great work Amanda. Oh and petite come in large sizes too. My mama is 5’1″ and use to be a x-large and she just bought them because they fit the shorter people and still larger ones.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  3. Clothes being too big is sometimes good and sometimes bad – good, because it means you’re doing well, but bad because … well, that coat is just too darn cute!!! There *will* be other coats, though, for sure. 🙂

    For the first few months of my weight loss, I didn’t buy any new clothes – which now, I can’t believe I did, because I totally looked like a little kid playing dress up! Sizes are very fickle – I’m 5’6″ and 202 lbs., and some dresses I have from Target are L, some are XXL – Old Navy I’m a L in most tops and 12 in jeans. I still instinctively grab from the back of the rack, but that isn’t always what I need these days.

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