Mobile Blog: Visiting Mom at the Hospital

Just a quick mobile update today. Brad made it in last night and I’m so happy to have him here!

Mom is doing great, her obstruction in her intestinal track seems to have resolved, and they are just observing her a bit more, looks like she’ll be back home tomorrow or Monday. She is sleeping, and Brad and I are just hanging out in her room, giving my dad a much needed break. It’s nice and quiet here, and I’m fighting the urge to fall asleep myself!

Brad and have been talking a lot about mental perceptions today. As a psych major, I don’t think he can help himself. As I struggle with my inner voices that may insult me with regards to losing weight, I was fascinated to hear that he has the same issues with regards to graduating, and making it in to a graduate school – and he’s making straight A’s!

We were talking about Mary’s blog again this morning (sorry, I can’t add links from my phone! Her blog is in my blogroll list, called “a small loss”), and about what happened to her last weekend and the results (I’ll add links later, and Mary if that makes you uncomfortable tell me and I’ll take it down!). I told Brad that I considered myself lucky, because I can only remember 2, maybe 3 instances when someone actually called me fat to my face. I don’t know if I was just unobservant, or perhaps just lucky.

After I said that, Brad asked me “But how many times have you been called fat? Altogether?”

I of course I had to say countless times – because I’ve called myself that over and over.

It’s so interesting, maybe a little sad, how much of this is mental, and self-inflicted. Brad could go on (and believe me, he has talked my ear off, lol!) and much more eloquently than I can. Maybe someday I can too. But it’s amazing the further into this journey I travel, the more layers I discover.

I hope everyone has a great Saturday! 🙂



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2 responses to “Mobile Blog: Visiting Mom at the Hospital

  1. I’m glad your mother id doing better and that Brad is home. I know you must be very happy and excited. Wishing you a great weekend.

  2. I told a friend about what happened and she was surprised on two accounts: (1) that it happened at all, and (2) that it used to happen at least once a week. I completely know what you mean, though – it’s been said to me many times by others, but I always heard it the most from myself.

    Very glad your mom is doing well! Enjoy your Brad time. 🙂

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