Let’s Have Some Positivity Shall We?

So, this week has been all blah and negative (or even non-existent, with me not posting hardly anything), so I thought I’d take some time today and reflect on positive things that are happening in my life. Because, let’s face it, even if life has its ups and downs, I still have it pretty ok.

  1. My mom is doing well. It turns out it was a bit more serious than I originally thought (no swimming for me last night!), but she seems to be in great hands and her spirits are up. She’ll be in the hospital over the weekend, so I’ll be there to keep an eye on her. She either has a blockage in her colon, which would require surgery, or she has an infection. But, she’s ok, no longer potentially life-threatening, so that is good.
  2. I still love my job – even though this week was crazy, and started off rough. Things are going great overall. I am lucky enough to have a job I enjoy, something that allows sick days, vacation days, and “work from home” days. My boss and co-workers understand mine and Brad’s situation, and I can usually leave early to go to Abilene, and on some Fridays I can “work from home” there. In this tough economy, I am blessed to have a job I love and that let’s me be creative on a daily basis.
  3. My husband is frakking awesome. Brad and I have been through hell and back, and our marriage is stronger than ever. He loves me fiercely, and I love him just as much. We are united in our decisions, and we can talk to each other about everything. I am lucky to have my best friend as my partner in crime.
  4. I think I’m on track to another big loss this week. I may have snuck a peek at the scale…and all I can say is, squeee! We’ll see what Sunday holds.
  5. Although money is tight, I have wonderful parents and a wonderful brother who take care of me if I need anything – and they also keep me company while Brad and I are separated.
  6. I have awesome friends. When I’m down, they ask about how I’m doing and mean it. And they are great at cheering me up. And they send me links like this.
  7. I am healthy, and getting healthier. Sure, it’s a right old pain in the butt to have all this trouble getting pregnant, but I can honestly say that’s the only real medical issue I’ve ever had. I am losing weight, and feeling healthier each week. I’m learning much about myself, my body, and what helps and hurts me along the way.
  8. I got to work on an awesome creative project this week. I plugged it yesterday, but working on my friend’s band stuff really let me stretch a bit creatively and not think about other crap that was bothering me. I’m really proud of the work that I’ve done, and I got to repay him for helping me in the past. I didn’t just help them build the page, but I built all the graphics for the page as well.

So, there you have it. Life is not all bad, and even through the din of horrid hormones I can acknowledge that.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. 😀


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One response to “Let’s Have Some Positivity Shall We?

  1. I read all that and though, “this woman is highly blessed!” Celebrate all those blessings daily. Acknowledge them daily–the familial love and support, your superb husband, your healthy status (other than the fertility thing), the strength and determination you have to get better in all ways.

    It’s exciting, yes, to see doors waiting to be opened?

    I believe firmly that if you look for and work for good things they will come. And I raise my hand to Heaven and ask for your womb to be fruitful in due time! God has opened many wombs throughout history. I’m believing it for yours! At the right time for you and Brad to just be there and parent to your hearts’ content.

    Congrats on the squee-worthy loss. This will likely be a less squee-ey week for me (back in inflammation overload), but this, too shall pass.

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