What Dreams May Come?

Happy Friday, Everyone! TGIF! 😀

Yesterday was good, productive, and I had a great swim last night. My arms are definitely feeling the workout, which is great for me because like many people on the weight loss road, I hate my upper arms.

Today has been a good day so far as well, it’s a nice lazy Friday up here at work (unless you’re working in the IT department, apparently there is some database crisis, so the nerds are running up and down the halls). So I’ve been doing a lot of reading, interspersed with minor work duties that I needed to cross off my list.

So last night, my brother told me about a dream he had had a few nights ago. He said that in his dream he met mine and Brad’s son. He said that he was a little boy, about 4 years old, and was the spitting image of Brad – red hair and all! He said that he ran up to him saying, “Uncle Jeff, Uncle Jeff!” and proceeded to tell him that some kids were bullying him. Jeff said that he told the kid “you’re untouchable, man, no one can hurt you!” or something to that effect.

I think that as little as 3-4 months ago, this would have made me sad, and started me on feeling sorry for myself. At the end of last year, after having a miscarriage and a chemical pregnancy, anything baby-related would send me into a self-loathing funk.

For some reason though, this dream made me feel really hopeful and optimistic. I’m not trying to get all mystical about it, it just left me with a good feeling. I know we aren’t TTC for a few more months, but I almost feel like sometime soon I may get my wish.

Anyway, that’s my post for this beautiful day. It’s sunny and green outside my window – being in Texas I know the green will turn brown once the 100 degree days hit, so I’m enjoying this for as long as I can.

Work day halfway done – 3 bottles of water down, 3 to go. 2 large and workouts tonight.

Have a great Friday! 😉


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One response to “What Dreams May Come?

  1. I am a firm believer that dreams can foretell things like that – it may be some time, but I’m sure you will soon have a little child running around the house.

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