1600 meters = 1 mile

So, I’m sure I’ve ranted about this on here enough, but I’m still mad at this dumb boot that I to wear on my stress fractured foot. I’ve been doing the swimming though, and I do love it and all the fun high school memories it conjures up.

I was starting to get discouraged at the thought that I might not be able to meet my 365 miles in 365 day goal for the year. But, I figured that my qualifier for the goal was to “walk/jog/crawl” a mile, that swimming a mile would surely count. And since 1 mile =1,609.34 meters, I was happy to find that I’ve actually been swimming a little over 1 mile each time I visit the pool. Yay me! I’ve only been able to add 5 miles to my total with it, but hey, every little bit counts. I can’t wait until I get this boot off (April 29th!), so that I can start walking again at least.

My moodiness is surviving in check today. I’ve not tried to kill or punch anyone yet, so all good there. So that’s my quickie Wednesday update! Hope your hump day is going well. 😉

3 bottles of water in, 3 to go + two big bottles at home.


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