We’ve Got the Funk

Yesterday I was just in a funky mood. I have no idea what was up with me. Tuesday I had no energy to workout. Today I think I see a light at the tunnel.

48 hours or so of funk, I don’t know what it is. I would love to say it’s some sort of PMS, but I’d have to have normal cycles for that. I guess it could be feux-PMS? Who know…

So, last night I was supposed to go swimming and bailed. I think I fell asleep a few minutes after getting home from work. I didn’t sleep long, but laid there dozing for a good while afterward. After that I drug my butt up for long enough to make some dinner – healthy, thank God, because I was craving a thousand different evil things by that point – and then drudge back to bed.

I think part of it is work – feeling a bit overwhelmed, part of it is this stupid boot – I have a feeling that my weight loss is going to stay slow/stalled until I can run again, part of it is the tiny voice in the back of my mind telling me to start thinking about babies again, and part of it was missing Brad – going two weeks between our minuscule weekend visits sucks, and the last few days before a visit seem to be the hardest.

So, knowing all this mess, I tried to wake up today with a better attitude – and I have no excuses not to go swim tonight, I have to do SOMETHING! ><

Only 3.5 hours left to go at work – 4 bottles of water in, 2 to go, and I’m making some afternoon coffee cause I NEEDS it! 😛


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One response to “We’ve Got the Funk

  1. I’m sorry about your down-and-out funk. Ugh. It’s almost better to be truly bummed out. At least there’s some kind of energy there, even if it’s bad energy.

    I hope you get to go swimming tonight. It sounds just like what the doctor ordered. Some physical activity to make up for not running and to get those endorphins going to elevate your mood.

    Good for you, not binging on junk or other evils when you were down. That’s always one of the hardest times to eat well and nutritiously, but you did it anyway. I’m proud of you. You really have what it takes.

    I hope you’re better today and tomorrow, and that the weekend brings some joy.

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