This is my foot:



das boot!

Yep, I was right. Unfortunately. I have a metatarsal stress fracture on my right foot. Fun times.

I have to wear a boot at all times…except for sleeping and driving…and showering I guess.


I know it’s not horrible, and luckily there is no pain really (which is why I waited so long to go to a doctor in the first place), but I’m really really pissed that I can’t do any freaking running or jogging. Even the DVD’s, how can I do those in a boot? I know that there are other things I can do, like weights and situps and pushups, etc…but the full body cardio?

I am stuck with swimming and biking. I DID actually go and buy a swimsuit last night because I already knew what the doc was going to say. So I have that. And my dear brother wanted to support me in my weight loss, so he chipped in and bought goggles and a swim cap for me. Now all I have to do is work up the nerve to go to the natatorium and do it. I haven’t done lane swimming since I was a freshman in college…

That’s 12 years for those out there counting…

Plus the fact that I don’t look at all svelte in a swimsuit…a speedo swimsuit even…not one of those girly numbers with the little skirts to hide the thighs that thunder.I have a feeling I’ll be wearing biking shorts underneath the suit for a while…

freaking awesome cap and goggles my bro bought for me! 😀

As for biking, I can in no way afford a stationary (or non-stationary) bike right now…perusing CraigsList seems to show that there are peeps out there willing to trade for other items…I have a few inquiries out, so we’ll see where that goes.

So, yes, I’m being a bit bitchy, but I told co-workers and family that I am at least allowed to be bitchy about this for 24 hours. Then you can tell me to be quiet.

Stupid stupid stupid…grrr!

3 bottles of water in, 3 to go, plus 2 large.



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3 responses to “Booted.

  1. Yeah, we both knew that’s what it was, in our guts. No surprise, just a bummer. A stationary bike would be terrific. I hope you can work out a trade. Also, I hope you can stick with it instead of running once the fracture is mended. Stress fractures have a habit of happening to runners. Why take the risk?

    Seems to be the injury du jour. A coworker who does triathlons has a boot for the same thing, and two teen athletes I know. They’re all female, if that makes a difference. I feel for you.

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