Sleepy Thursday

It’s a gorgeous day outside today, so everyone at the office is sleepy. I think we’d all rather be outside soaking up some of the sunshine. There are only a few days in Texas where it’s tolerable to be outside between freezing temps and 100 degree days, and this is one of those priceless ones.

I wish I could jog – I jogged almost daily all through the horrible weather in January and February! Now that it’s so nice outside, this stupid foot is keeping me doing low impact exercise DVD’s indoors. Mrrr!!

I go to the foot doc tomorrow morning, so we’ll see what the verdict is. The pain in my foot is tolerable, if I was reckless I’d say that I could still run on it…but I don’t want to mess it up and make things worse. I just hope it’s something normal that can be treated and not something crazy. Sigh…

I’ve looked up a place to swim around here, they do adult lane swimming every night and Saturday morning. The only problem I have there is that right now we don’t have a lot of money, and I don’t have a proper swimsuit. By proper, I mean one that allows me to actually swim without my boobs falling out, lol! 😉

I used to be on the swim team in high school, so I know the right kind I need, which with goggles and a swim cap, it will probably be around $75 or so. I dunno, I might could swing it, but I’d hate to spend that much money on something like that right now. My whole goal with my weight loss this time around was not to waste money on gym memberships, diet gimmicks, or anything like that…so the thought of buying something just for this is gnawing at me.

Of course, then I could look at how much money I’ve saved by not wasting it on gym memberships.

I guess it’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t type of situation.

Anyway, either way, I guess I’ll wait for the doctor’s assessment before moving in either direction. Back to the low impact DVD’s for me!

Halfway through the day – 3 bottles of water down, 3 to go at work. 2 big bottles at home. 🙂


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