Wake Up!

It’s Monday, spring break is over…thank God! Lol!

It was great to see Brad…but of course him coming in to town became an “event,” and we only had one day together just the 2 of us. Between my family, his family, and work, I feel like I just got cheated out of what was supposed to be a relaxing week with my husband.

Oh well.

Brad and I both agreed as the time neared for him to leave that we were both kind of glad to be going back to our routines. I mean, it would be different if I lived on my own out here and we had our own space. But living with my brother makes it a bit harder. It’s so much more peaceful when I go to Abilene.

2 weeks before I see him again.

But, this is a weight loss blog, not a whine-about-absent-husband blog. So, all that to say – I ate much better last week after my little mental escapade, had a little trouble over the weekend again, but nothing that threw me into a quagmire. The second Brad left I was working out, doing as much as I could to keep my mind off him leaving and to make up for lost time.

2 pounds lost this week. Good thing, but I wanted more.

My foot still hurts. I’ve been told by family and co-workers that if I don’t make a doc appointment today they will slap me around, so I guess I’m going to do that right after posting this entry.

I think that may be a factor in my weight loss slowing a bit…not being able to walk/jog. I’ve found some great alternative videos though, it’s just for some reason it’s harder to work up the….energy? to work out in my living room. I don’t know if energy is the right word…I guess I just feel stupid watching videos with way over the top trainers who are just so cheesy. Oh well, onward I go.

Must pick up the water pace today, only 2 bottles in so far. I’m off to the breakroom to grab the next 2.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Monday…back to the grind.


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