Sleep Walking…

…is how I feel right now. I’m soooo tired. Falling asleep at my desk tired.

And I have a headache. And as someone who rarely gets headaches, I feel like whining about it.


Work day is almost done, 7 bottles of water in. Brad is back at the house, so I’m excited to get the heck out of here and head that way. 30 more minutes before traffic is not evil. Off work tomorrow, looking forward to some time with Brad.

St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, just because it gives me an excuse to wear green. Green just happens to be my favorite color.

Green nails

Did I mention I love green?

So, just a few more minutes, then I’ll be outta here. Sleepy headache and all. 😉

(this probably gets an award for being a boring post, but I’m hoping the green nails pic makes up for it, lol!)


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One response to “Sleep Walking…

  1. Your nails are stunning! Way to go. I’m jealous.

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