I’m alive! I promise.

Not much time to write, as work is a bit crazy. I just wanted to update: foot is still bruised, haven’t jogged since Monday! 😦

Didn’t get much sleep on Wednesday night, so was in bed by like 8:30 last night – I’m old, lol!

Brad comes in today, and will be here for a week! YAY! 😀

Um…what else? Oh, water and diet still on track. I’m hoping for another good week this week, despite not being able to jog. I think that I should be able to start jogging again tomorrow or Sunday though, keeping fingers crossed!

I’ll leave you with a song. This song means a lot to Brad and me…we came across it back in 2009, during a tumultuous time in our lives…yes, even more tumultuous than living apart for a freaking year and a half. It came across my playlist this morning, and hearing this song and seeing what a beautiful day today outside my window just made me smile. I hope it makes you smile too. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!


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