Monday, Cloudy Monday…

Ok, I couldn’t think of anything more clever than that for my Monday title today. It is cloudy outside, and that makes me sleepy!

Nothing much new to report today – thanks for all the kind compliments yesterday, I was thrilled to get the 4 pound loss! I know that as I get smaller that those big numbers might change, but I’ll take what I can get for as long as I can!

I did find two books for my mom yesterday – one on allergy free cooking and one specifically about Celiac disease. I plan to read some of that one once she’s done, as I remember someone suggesting that on here as a possible cause for infertility…wouldn’t hurt to look into it!

Yesterday was nice – brother was gone all day and night with his woman-friend, so I had the house to myself. I did some cleaning, finished a book, watched a movie, did the shopping…it was just nice to spend some time with me. I went out for the walk/jog last night with the dog, for the first time I completed the 4 miles in under an hour!!! So excited, 59:04 was my time, and that was with walking the first mile. I can feel the running getting easier, so much faster than it did before.

Today, 3.5 bottles of water in at work, 3.5 left to go. Sore from the running, but happy to be sore!

I’m hoping this week goes by fast, as Brad will be here on Friday and then here for the whole week next week! I told him by next weekend I bet I beat his time for 3 miles, I think he’s taking up the challenge. 😀

Anywho, that’s my Monday so far, luckily it’s been kinda lazy, gotta get some freakin’ work done today though so I better tune out of blog-land for awhile. 😉

Hope everyone has a fantabulous week!


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