Friday. Nuff Said.

I’m very happy for Friday today. Today has been filled with work drama…not all to do with me, so good for that. Let’s just say I find it almost fascinating how a hallway that is 90% men can be so drama filled! Yeesh!

So, I’m counting down the hours to home-time.

Anywho, nothing much new to report. 5 bottles of water in, 1 to go. I am starting to finish my 6 bottles of water earlier in the day, and actually had 7 here yesterday before 2 big bottles at home. I did write to Allan a while back to see if drinking more than the fluid requirement was OK, and he said yes so should be all good.

I shared my old water checklist a month ago or so, here is my new one…I just dedicated a tablet to it. Here are the last 4 weeks of water consumption at work:

Can you tell I'm bored at work today...I don't know why I think the world will be interested in my water list, lol! O.o

And also, I recieved these photos of food porn from my brother today. He apparently finds the thought of food porn hilarious.

Chocolate Glazed Honey Bun! I was in LOVE with honey buns as a child. I would have probably been content with those for breakfast lunch and dinner. I rarely was able to have them, but you better believe when I was older and in college I made up for that! Not just with honey buns either.

My brother did point out that he was not eating the honey bun, a co-worker was. There you have it...that's half of my daily calorie allowance in one stinkin' honey bun! More than half of which come from pure, glazy, sugary (yummy!) fat. 😉

Happy Friday all, enjoy your daily allotment of food porn, stay strong, drink the water!



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2 responses to “Friday. Nuff Said.

  1. Ahhh, honey buns. An old favorite. Food porn is good but sometimes can be seriously tempting. Thank goodness there are no honey buns within miles of my house. 🙂

  2. HONEY BUNS! I’d use my allowance for books and, yes, crap sugary stuff/snacks. And honey buns were a primo treat I liked the regular (non-choco) ones. OMG, I loved those so bad. Those and moon pies and creme-filled oatmeal cookies and chocolate cupcakes. Those were my addiction.

    Oh, man. Let me stop with the food porn huffing and puffing.

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