I Want a Nap

Today has been a lazy day in the office. Half of my team is out of town, so it’s pretty quiet save for the developers group running around crazy about some techie problem of some sort.

Lots of work done, lots more I gotta work on, and suddenly I look up and am feeling really sleepy. Don’t know why…contemplating getting afternoon coffee.

4 bottles of water in, 2 more to go before I leave the office in 4 hours. Getting the water in is definitely getting a LOT easier…I crave water when I wake up in the mornings now. Used to I wouldn’t drink anything in the day until nearly noon. I just wasn’t thirsty. Well, my body probably was, I just tended to feed it a donut and tell it to shut up. 😉

I’m excited for next weekend (a week from tomorrow). Brad’s spring break starts March 14, so I’ll get him here for a solid week! I still have to work of course, but it will be nice to have him around. 😀 Of course that means to save money on gas ($3.40…seriously!?), we’ll be skipping a visit this weekend. I’ll need to find activities to keep my mind busy.

I’m thinking about swimming a lot lately. I used to swim in high school on the swim team and I LOVED it. I would have lettered, but suddenly our coach moved away and they closed the program. Nice. There is a natorium 6 miles from my house, and they have adult lane swimming hours on the weekends and some evenings. I would love to go.

That would require me to a) find my swimsuit, goggles, and a swim cap; b) see if the swimsuit still fits; and c) wear these things in public.

I’m ok with a and b.

c kind of scares me to death.

We’ll see what happens.



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3 responses to “I Want a Nap

  1. Yep, I get up and the first thing I do is drink about 20 ounces of water. It just makes me feel good about starting the day.

    Wish we had a place where we could go swimming. We used to have a YMCA about 3 miles away that closed due to budget cuts. Two of the best things about it was it was only $50 for a year membership and only the older fat ladies used it in the afternoons! So I would be able to do C! 🙂

  2. Beth B

    Honey, I didn’t wear a swimsuit for about 10 years, then at my heftiest, 245 pounds, I got all brave and I went and bought myself a suit and graced a holiday resort with my glory. I survived. The other guests survived. The water didn’t all displace out of the pool, the earth continued spinning on it’s axis. And six years later, I’m still alive.

    You too, can survive the unveiling of the swimsuit clad body. Go for it, if you used to love it, do it again, don’t wait. Once you get out there and find out that the unveiling is a non-event, you’ll be hankering to do it again. Swimming is so relaxing. Go for it!

  3. Work is slow for me today too, boss gone. I feel kind of sleepy this afternoon too, maybe lack of movement or lack of brain power used lol. I keep a big bottle of water next to the bed now so if I wake in the night I can have some or definitely first thing in the morning. Hope you manage going swimming, I haven’t been in ages. Never think about it in winter, nice change though I’m sure.

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