March is Here…and the March Goes On

Well, it’s now March! I am at the same time excited and hating to see the year go by so fast. I’m excited because the faster this year goes, the faster the day comes when Brad will be graduated and back by my side full time.

I hate it because it makes me feel old. 😉

As it’s been said before out here in blog land, a year in our lives is just a breath…the journey from fat to thin should not take so long, compared to the years lived as a fatty, and the (hopefully!) years I can spend in the land of the thin. In One-derland. 😉

Last night I jogged my fasted time ever – I did a mile in 12:06! That’s faster than my fastest time, which was around 12:20 I believe…2 or 3 years ago when I was on my last weight loss attempt. I say attempt, because I don’t think I was ever fully present. Well, I don’t have to think, I know. My singular purpose for losing weight in those days was to have a child. I didn’t care about actually eating the right things. I just decided that less fat on my bones would allow a baby to move in. So, even though I was half-assed trying to treat the symptoms, I totally ignored the problem. I decided once I got pregnant that my journey would be over, then real life could begin. When I finally pregnant, I ate whatever I wanted…and then after the miscarriage I did not care what happened to my body – the more I could punish myself the better!

Don’t get me wrong, I learned a LOT during that time. I could probably tell you more about the reproductive process than you’d ever want to hear…and some stuff about nutrition too. Having that as a base I think allowed me to take a bit of the fast track  starting a new plan. But even though the end goal is still to someday have a child, I no longer allow myself to obsess about it. Believe me, I was OBSESSED. Accepting the fact that I could no longer put myself through that, and really choosing to focus on my overall health instead of just a baby has been a burden lifted I think. I can now enjoy the process, enjoy the journey, without putting so much pressure on myself. As Brad has told me many many times…when it’s time it’ll be time.

All that to say, what took me probably a year plus to work up to before (getting to a sub-13 minute mile) only took me 2 months to get back. And not just that – but beat it! That is definitely a reason to be proud I think.

Work is almost done – just another hour (I hang around the office for an extra hour to avoid traffic), and then a long walk with the dog, and some TV to watch.

Have a good evening, y’all! 🙂


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