Mobile Blog!

So, in the spirit of Allan’s call for more blogging, I’ve downloaded WordPress’ mobile app, so welcome to my first mobile post!

Stayed on task this week and weekend, despite my mental issues. Decided to drive the 150 miles to Abilene to see Brad, needed my husband after such craziness! I’ll be driving back “home” today in a few hours.

Lost a pound this week. Not going to say I’m mad like I was a few weeks ago, as it seems I have a big loss one week, and then a small loss the next…which averages to a moderate loss each week. I won’t say I’m ecstatic though…definitely refocusing this week.

So two things about today – first, I’m SOOO excited because I got new jeans today, as my current jeans have been falling off! The best part of that? I bought them at Old Navy! Not at Lane Bryant! I’m actually able to start shopping at a “normal” person’s store! 😀

The second…when dieting, especially restricting food so much…having a salad with salsa as the dressing at a restaurant kills the stomach.

That is all. 😉



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2 responses to “Mobile Blog!

  1. Congrats on going mobile and on the loss. I’m a long way from going mobile with anything. I’m technologically challenged. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the jeans. Shopping at a ‘normal’ store is only something in my dreams. Great reality for you.

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