Humble Cakes

Well, I’m feeling much better today – still not 100% mentally I think, but better. Thanks for all the sweet comments guys, I do appreciate them.

Yesterday ended up OK – I didn’t find comfort with food or anything, and actually came in under calories for the day. I decided at 9pm that the day needed to end, so I took some Tylenol PM and just hit the sack.

I woke up feeling better, perhaps still a little moody but I definitely feel a bit better. Work continues to be a trigger for me today though – just dealing with crazy co-workers. I would describe is all here but it would be my luck that somehow it would get traced to me and I’d be fired or something stupid like that.

We’re living in the Facebook world my friends – self censorship online!

Anyway, suffice it to say that I do have a dear co-worker who has become a great friend. We’re finding that we’re exactly alike, except he’s 14 years older. We are both closet nerds*, love the same movies, music, photography, etc etc. We have the same wedding anniversary date, and our birthdays are like 5 days apart, so it’s a little creepy, lol. But, he’s a great mentor and definitely helps to keep me centered. He, his wife, Brad and I have become good friends, and so he kind of has my back while Brad isn’t here full time to support me. He has definitely been coaching me this week on keeping my emotions in check and not letting it get to me. I owe him beer.

Except that I’m on a diet and he’s just started WW back up with his wife…so maybe we’ll just look at beers.

Anywho, I have totally digressed – this is supposed to be a weight loss blog after all right? Well, I guess mentality is a big part of staying on track, so there, take my brain vomit and know that usually I would just internalize things rather than blog or talk to a friend about them. Internalize and eat some cinnamon toast.

No toast for me – carrot sticks.

*Closet nerds aren’t people who get nerdy about closets, btw. What I mean is that we like a lot of classic nerdy things but you wouldn’t know it because we fit in with the “cool kids” too. We leave our pocket protectors at home, so to speak.


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