Grumble Cakes

Today I’m in a bad mood. Not one particular reason, just a lot of little crap at work that is serving to really make me want to punch things.

I want a freaking comfort muffin. I want to walk downstairs to the cafeteria and get one of those stupid muffins that get marked down to 75 cents after 3pm. What is wrong with me? Why would a muffin give me solace.

Stupid. I’m settling for a dumb cup of coffee and a blog post. And scowling…I’m doing a lot of scowling right now.

Back to work. Stay away from muffins. Or better yet, stay away from bad moods.



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4 responses to “Grumble Cakes

  1. Cheer up luv, tomorrow will be better. Kudos to you for not getting that stupid muffin. You would not have felt better. I promise. Gracie

  2. That muffin would have made you mad at yourself, so you’d be in a worse mood than you are already. I’m sorry you’re feeling down. If my love were away that long, I’d feel the same way. But you’re doing really well with your diet. You need to pat yourself on the back, woman. Take a hot, soothing bath or shower tonight, use some good lotion, and maybe give yourself a manicure. You’ll be feeling squeaky clean and pretty, so it might help.

  3. Just keep thinking about how much closer you are to your goal and how great you are looking. Whenever I feel down I look at magazines and plan what I will wear this summer!!

  4. I’m proud of you. You made it past the temptation. While shopping on Sunday I wanted candy. I was singing the song “I want candy”, over and over again. I stared at the candy isle. I drooled on the bags of candy but I didn’t buy any. Not even one little piece. I so wanted too.
    I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Think positive, smile lots and just do your best and let the Lord do the rest.
    Blessings my friend.

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