Monday Quickie!

Work continues to slam me, but just thought I’d mention a few things…

  • Last week’s weight loss = 6 pounds – YAYAYAYAYAY!
  • I’m 1 pound away from having lost 10% of my body weight that I started with on Jan 1, 2011!
  • I can jog a 13:02 minute mile!
  • Having your husband live 150 miles away and only seeing him every other weekend still sucks… 😦
  • Seeing the changes in your husband because you only get to see him every other weekend is kinda neat! 😀
  • I’m 87 pounds away from my ultimate goal (150), and only 38 pounds away from my biggest goal…under 200!
  • I can do this, I AM doing this! I’m doing this without gimmicks or fad diets, or shelling out for a gym membership. I’m just listening to some advice from a reforming fattie, and being smart instead of sold. How insane am I?!

Ok, back to work now. 🙂


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One response to “Monday Quickie!

  1. Congrats on the weight loss!! You are doing great in every way!

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