Not so Mad Anymore

no whiningSo, I was being a bit whiny the other day. Thanks to those who left comments, I’m mentally back in the game as it were. I didn’t mess up on food, or skip work-outs, so after I gave myself another pity party, all was better. I did think a bit about Princess Dieter‘s comment, I think perhaps I was adding too much salt to some foods…sometimes I just kind of crave salt, especially with eggs! So, I’m trying to watch that a bit more this week, hopefully if it was water weight, I’ll be able to shed some of that.

It’s not really getting easier, per se, to not comfort myself with food. But it’s definitely getting easier to anticipate that desire and keep myself busy doing other things. 😉

So, the weird thing is this – after feeling all bleh on Sunday after the weigh in, yesterday while getting ready for work, I noticed that to me I look a little smaller. This was the first day after losing 19 pounds that I actually felt that I could see a physical difference…albeit a small one. After that, I actually had a co-worker make a comment yesterday that I looked like I had lost a little. So, yay for mental boost!

Now, I don’t know if anyone else has this problem – but it always seemed that in the past when people would notice any weight loss with me…suddenly I would end up breaking a diet. I have not idea why that is. Someone makes a nice comment, I guess that makes me feel good and feel like I need to “reward” myself, and then after that, the diet just kinda spirals out of control. I guess that sounds kinda weird…but I’d like to keep my weight loss a “secret” as long as possible I suppose.

Of course the fact that I have observed that and can now anticipate that behavior as well probably helps. 😉

So, thanks again for the support guys, I am out of whiny-woman land…at least for a few more days! 🙂

This weekend will be interesting and filled with temptation – going to my Dad’s birthday party on Friday, then invited out with friends on Saturday…I need to email Allan with food questions…mrrrrr…

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! 😀



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2 responses to “Not so Mad Anymore

  1. Val

    My sister and I have in the past fallen to the same problem of stopping losing weight when it gets noticed by others. Not quite sure what all happens there, but I know I tend to then relax about it, so of course, it then stalls.

    This time, when we see each other we say, “You look great — but you still have a lot of work to do.” I also have taken to wearing jeans that are snug as a constant reminder that I am not done. If I wear baggy pants, I tend to loosen up my diet.

  2. When you notice it, it’s wonderful, isn’t it? Like you SEE that there’s LESS of you. 🙂

    Gillian Riley (excellent books for binge eaters) actually suggests you not tell people about your dieting. Keep it secret.

    Other experts say tell people and get support in family/friends/etc.

    I’m one who has to tell. Because I don’t want to be tempted, so I tell them “I am following X plan, and I need your help. Please don’t offer me Y and Z and I know your ABC is delicious, but I need to cut back on DEF.”

    Like my birthday party this coming weekend. I’ve already said don’t bring a cake. Will someone defy that? Maybe. But I made it very clear: My birthday. I don’t want a cake. I don’t want cookies or cupcakes. I’m brining freshly made gourmet locally created truffles, so everyone can have one or two really divine flavors and the rest is fruit, veggies, lean protein.

    I want my birthdays to be healthful celebrations. And it’s not like birthday cake is anything that rocks my world. Heck, I barely had some of my own wedding cake and it was made by one of the best bakeries in South Florida (way back when).

    So, if you need to be secret, be secret. If you need to tell the world, get a megaphone and blast it. 🙂 Whatever works…

    And I commisserate. I love me salt. kicking that monkey off my back ain’t easy…but I am making progress. Thank you, Mrs. Dash.

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