Still Sick Part 2

Well, so this whole week I’ve been out of commission…not enough to miss work (which I haven’t decided if that’s a good or bad thing!), but enough to simply work, eat, and sleep.

I haven’t been out to jog since last Sunday…and I feel achy all over just walking to my car! 😦

Temptation keeps popping it’s ugly head in at work:


(Very proud of saying no…as donuts are my weakest of weaknesses…)

Oh, and the Super Bowl recipes keep getting weirder…

Tequila Oyster ew!

But, I guess the nice thing about being sick, if there is such a thing, is that I’m not really tempted to eat anything. I have come in under my calorie goal every day this week, without even trying, so yay! (yay?)

The bad thing is that water still tastes gross…so I don’t think I’ve hit my water goals every day, but I’m still drinking as much as I can stand.

So ready to be well, so ready to get back on track…I’m scared about this week’s weigh in 😦


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