Still Sick :(

So yeah.

Last night I had a date with a couple of Tylenol PM’s, and woke up somewhat dazed about 12 hours later. I still feel like crap – but not worse than yesterday, which I’m hoping is a good sign.

I still made it out of bed and to work today, and all I want to do is crawl back in bed. I haven’t broken any diet laws, even when walking in the breakroom to not one, not two, but FOUR boxes of kolaches that some evil sweet soul has bought for the office. Have I mentioned that I love kolaches? My relatives migrated from Czechoslovakia dang it, I deserved them! Whoa – anyone who says that food is not an addiction should be punched in the no-no zone.

You know you want one...

I resisted, and then was happy that there was some orange juice as well.

Here I sit, hours later, typing away in my office…cold kolaches still singing their siren song from the breakroom. I get to peep at them every time I go in there for a bottle of water…a peep is all I get.

I’m ready to not be sick anymore…I’m ready to go jog…but I guess tonight I’ll be making out with my pillow once more.



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