I think I’m getting sick. I’ve got that swollen-when-I-swallow feeling, chills, and suddenly this afternoon I went down to ZERO energy. I’m so mad!

I don’t get it…I haven’t been sick in over a year! For the last month I’ve eaten the healthiest in a long time, plus been exercising at least every other day…NOW my body decides to get sick!? WTH!? I guess all the stupid walking in the 30 degree nights has gotten to me…no wonder my body felt like lead last night.

I am pissed – now water tastes horrible because of my stupid throat, and all I want to do is eat freakin’ comfort food (my staple would be cream of wheat and cinnamon toast when sick).

Why is this happening NOW? 😦 😦 😦

(for the record, I’m not going to have comfort food…I’m gonna just find me something soft like oatmeal and go to bed)

Ok, end of my rant.


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Filed under personal, random, rant, sugar addict!

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