10 Pounds Down!

I know my little widget over there says 11, but that’s because it rounds down on the .5’s, and so I’ve technically lost 10 pounds and some change…but who’s counting!?

I was so excited to see the scale move a little more yesterday than  it did the previous week! In three weeks I’ve shaved 10 pounds off…which feels slow still, but I know that’s all mental.

So, after my awesome scale reading, even though the old me would have felt like celebrating with a big ol’ bag of these, instead I joined my brother and Brad at this restaurant for a “treat.”


omelet with feta cheese, mushrooms, spinach and tomatos. fresh fruit and wheat toast with a bit of strawberry jam

When I looked up all this on my MyFitnessPal, it estimated that the whole thing was 300 calories…of course it’s been cooked in a restaurant, which automatically means I’m going to count an extra 100-200 calories hiding in there somewhere. 😉

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it yet, but Brad’s been doing the diet with me, following along on Allan’s plan, and he won an award! And since my husband is crazy and refuses to create a blog, a Facebook account, or any other social media-ry, I guess it’s up to me to display it for him. I’m so jealous proud of him. 😀

Brad's Award

He’s such a nerd…hehe, of course now I just have to show him up over the next few weeks. 😉

Went for my 4 miles yesterday. I’ve decided to keep the distance at 4 miles per session for a while longer and work on speed. Last night my legs felt like 2 ginormous pieces of lead, so I wasn’t able to jog as much as I did last Thursday, but I finished – with a respectable time of 16:30 average per mile.

So, today is another day – another start to another week on plan. The eating part continues to get easier…I find myself meeting the caloric goals a little easier each day.

Of course, it would be today that the IT guys are ordering in pizza…I’ll just have to shut my door and enjoy my salad. 😉


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