Water Water Everywhere

…and I’m drinking every drop! O.o

The trip to Abilene and back is done, although last night I must say I was slamming down water as much as I could before bed. I feel that my body now sleepwalks to the bathroom several times a night…I remember 3 or 4 of them… 😉

To keep up with my water intake at work, I’ve created a little checklist. I know that if I drink 6 bottles at work throughout the day, plus my usual two cups of coffee, I only have to drink one big bottle at night, and hopefully save a couple of those bathroom trips.

Below, because my blog is way too devoid of pics, and because I’m playing with my new favorite photography app, I give you, THE LIST!

Water List

Oh yeah, compelling, isn’t it? Sorry, I’ll work on getting more interesting photos to place on the blog…can’t say when/if I’ll be brave enough to put a pic of me up…yikes!

Anyway, plan is still going great – low cal is getting easier…haven’t had any red meat or chicken in almost 3 weeks, don’t really miss it. Eggs are still tasting good, and shrimp are still my friend…I need to find more good sources of protein though, it’s still too easy to fall back to a bowl of oatmeal or cereal in a pinch, and I am trying to cut out as much of that junk as possible. If anyone has any good protein suggestions, please let me know!

Ok, back to the grind, I’ll leave you with today’s food porn (sorry Allan, I just love that phrase and have to use it!), from the incessant flow of Super Bowl recipes that I have to post out to our websites.

Field of Guacamole

Mmmm…guacamole… 😉



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2 responses to “Water Water Everywhere

  1. Excellent job on the water intake. That makes a HUGE difference. Cheers, Rick

  2. I had to come over and say hey! look at you being all wet and fabulous! WTG! Thanks for the visit. Come back and bring your cuss words anytime. 😉

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