Tuesday 10

10. I hadn’t heard of the Tuesday 10 before, but found it perusing around on weight loss blogs today. It came from Helen’s Blog, Doing a 180.

9. From that same blog, I was pointed over to this post from Chris’ blog, who I think will become one of my new favorites to read!

8. I am totally not wanting to work today…I keeping “rewarding” myself for tasks done by reading blogs…but the tasks keep getting smaller and smaller. 😉

7. I had to slam most of my water in before 3pm today because I’m leaving from work for Abilene, 150 miles away…and I DON’T want to stop every 5 minutes to pee! 102 oz down, hitting the pause button and will drink the rest tonight.

6. I’m finding that I really enjoy salad with shrimp and Sun-Dried tomato dressing. The best part is that today’s salad is only 107 calories!

5. Last night I walked 4 miles, sticking to my mileage goal. But, since I had jogged more the night before, my feet were lead. Seriously, I felt like I weight 1000 lbs. But, even though after each mile I thought about calling it quits, I finished.

4. It’s almost 4:30 pm and a cup of coffee sounds really good about now…

3. Speaking of coffee. One of my co-workers, one of the 2 other females that works on this hallway and weighs probably 100 pounds soaking wet decided that I should reward myself. So, the other morning I walked in an found a bag of chocolate covered coffee beans sitting on my desk. I had commented on them when I saw them the day before down in the cafeteria, and she bought them for me. It was very sweet of her…but if only she knew how much it also bothered me…I know this was her way of trying to be supportive, but really? If only people who had been skinny all their lives understood all of the mental crap that comes in to play here.

2. I’m yawning my head off today. Did I mention it’s hard to concentrate on actual work? 😉

1. Ok, I’m going back to reading blogs work now.


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  1. I love your blog! I added a link from my new blog and will check in on you daily.
    I like the idea of a Tuesday 10. Nice work!

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