Bit by Bit

Well, after allowing myself  a bit of pity-party time yesterday, I got off the couch and fixed myself a scrambled egg sandwich on wheat toast, and got back down to business.

It’s getting easier and easier to exist on less calories, and I’m glad to report that I can stand eggs again (an eating plan I followed in 2009 consisted of WAY too many eggs, and I began to hate them). Eggs and shrimps have been my main sources of protein over the last 3 weeks, since I’m trying to cut out all other meats. I have had tuna and salmon as well.

The exercise portion is going great! I went out yesterday – walked the dog for 2 miles, dropped him off at the house and headed to the park. I wanted to try and jog a whole mile (I used to be able to jog 3!). I didn’t make it the whole mile, but interspersing jogging with fast walking got me to a 15:10 mile! I was so excited. Lol, I know that’s a horrible time for actual runners, but I was one happy fatty. 😉 I finished it up with walking another mile for a total of 4. My goal is to walk no less than 4 miles at a time this week.

Still keeping up on my water intake…so tired of having to pee every hour at work…sometimes 2 times an hour…but it’s getting easier…bit by bit.

Oh, and today’s Super Bowl Recipe that I had to stare at:

Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

Um, yum! Too bad they are not for me. 😉


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