Diet and exercise plan is still going well! I didn’t make it out for a walk in the 30 degree weather last night…even though I really do enjoy going out in the cold much more, I just had zero energy. I think it’s because I got so caught up in work yesterday and forgot to pace my eating, so I had the stupid jitters by the time I got home last night. Usually the jitterness is a great excuse to shove something sweet down my throat, because that’s what would “help.” Last night I fixed eggs and wheat toast instead, and miraculously I felt fine afterwards without a donut! 😛

Gotta love the excuses one can come up with to fill the body with crap.

Oh, and speaking of crap…at work I’m helping to create shared content for our stations to use, and right now I’m working on posting shared content with regards to the Super Bowl. One of the initiatives for those pages is user-submitted recipes. So I’ve been staring at photos of chips, dips, pizzas, desserts, you name it for the last few days. Well, I happened to receive a new one today…

Turtle Burgers

These are apparently Louisiana Turtle Burgers. A burger patty, covered with cheese, wrapped in woven bacon strips, and then some hot dog weenies stuck in for good measure.

All at once I was amazed, then kind of grossed out…and the embarrassed because a tiny fat voice in my head started to say “those look good…”

Lol, addicted to food?? Who, me?? 😉



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2 responses to “Really??

  1. Allan Klein

    I could eat three of those, even after 8 months of dieting. In a heartbeat !!

  2. Sue

    They do look good I must admit, miss that salty bacon mmmmmm but shaped as turtles creeps me out a bit LOL

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