Back to Routine

The events of last week went as well as they could have gone. Our family gave Cooper a beautiful memorial, and today was my first day “back to the grind.”

A couple of things about the week, health-wise. I was able to stick to my plan somehow this week (Yes, I finally have a plan, as I’ve jumped on Allan’s low-cal adventure). Even with friends and family bringing all sorts of bad foods over to my mother in-law’s house, I was able to resist. Yes, even the lovely slices of Olive Garden tirimasu and chocolate cheesecake. And donuts. And croissants. And…need I go on?

Bradley and I managed to go out for one walk on Tuesday morning, but as far as other exercise goes, we really didn’t have the time, or the mental fortitude.

I don’t want to go into dramatics, but I think the situation with my nephew helped to snap my mind into a good place for this…no more wallowing in self-loathing because I’ve failed to make a baby (yet!), no more giving myself a thousand excuses to eat like a pig. Life is so precious, and I will never have a baby if I don’t get my PCOS and weight under control.

I am committed. No cheating.


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