I love doing a Google image search on a topic and seeing what pops up.

Prime example: a search for the word sore muscles found me this lovely pic of a woman downing coffee – which according to the article it was a attached to, may prevent sore muscles if you drink it BEFORE you exercise (sounds like a jittery nightmare to me).

But, funny coffee lady aside, OMG am I sore today! I haven’t been this sore in a long time…which is a great thing. I remember mornings waking up and telling myself to be grateful that I’m sore – it means I’m moving, my body is repairing…I’m alive and I can FEEL it!

It’s hard to remind myself to feel that way in the beginning though…because having to yell out in pain while your lowering yourself to the toilet to pee is never a fun thing. Unless you’re my husband, who finds it mildly amusing.

Not to mention that “starting over” means drinking more water, which means more pee…

So, what’s causing this soreness? Well, before it would be me joining a gym, using all sorts of machinery, worrying about doing it right, what muscle group am I working? feeling particularly fat among all the skinnies. And now?

Pushups, situps, walking, and particularly…squats.

Squats, apparently, were sent to Earth by satan to destroy the thighs of all good Christian fatties.

I had heard a while back on the radio about an app you can purchase for you iPhone. The app is simply called 100 pushups, and its aim is to create a workout plan to help a person work up to being able to do 100 pushups in a day…not consecutively, but 100 in a day. So, I thought to myself “Self, you’re broke and can’t afford a gym membership right now…but you can shell out $1.99 for an app!” So I did.

I tried it out and I liked it a lot – of course I can’t even do one “boy” pushup right now, but I can do a few girlie ones, and by a few I mean literally a few – but I did the day 1 of the app workout and was proud of myself. Then of course, I was suckered by this app to check out its app homeboys – 200 situps and 200 squats. The principle is the same for both of those. But, me being filled with my new-found pushup confidence really pushed myself on the situps (I can still do 50 in a row without stopping, go me!), and then thought I stayed pretty conservative with the squats (I only started with 10 consecutive). I am enjoying these apps so far as they even prompt you to set a reminder in your phone so it can scream at you when it’s time to torture yourself some more. 😉

Add into that a conservative walk on Monday and Wednesday…and here I am. Walking around like a little 80 year old man and screaming when I pee.

But, I feel better about myself today than I have in a few weeks months for sure.

Except for the headache of course. 😉 I am one of those who have always been blessed to not have headaches on regular occasions. So what probably is considered a very mild headache to many is horrible for me it seems. Why a headache? Well that would have to probably be the first of my attempt to cut sugar from my diet. The natural place to start is of course cutting out sodas. So, my poor body who was just getting back into the routine of a thousand sodas a day is now screaming at me that she wants her fix!

Down girl – down!

So, the above photo may be pretty apropos since I’m nursing a second cup of coffee to throw some caffeine at my headache and sore muscles. Add in a couple of Tylenol and I’m starting to feel almost human again. Kinda.

Time to head downstairs to the cafeteria for lunch…must resist evil soda temptation…


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One response to “SORE!

  1. Jae

    YEAHHHHHHHH! God for you! Hhahah… That was a mistype but I like it!

    Good for you! Remember to be nice to all the sweet parts of you that are nervous they won’t do this ‘start over’ stuff perfectly. Well-worn phrase, ‘only One was perfect.’

    Come to ABI and see Ru and I. Lets make plans!
    hugs and and buckets o’ patience, friend.

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