So I’ve read my fair share of materials and blogs that talk about thinking of food as fuel. That we are what we eat, the normal blah blahs.

Well, I was slapped in the face with just how off balance your body can be when you run on empty today.

It wasn’t intentional, but I found myself today on the new-found little walking path near the house on total empty.

Flash back to this morning, where I skipped breakfast on my way out the door to work (which is the norm, I have always been one of those that had to force myself to eat breakfast…which from what I’ve read is a fatty thing). Then, my co-worker who had told me that we’d do lunch together in the cafeteria decided that instead, let’s just go ahead and leave early for the holiday. So, I slammed a couple of crackers down my throat before driving the 25 mile trek home. By the time I arrived it was 1:30, and my dear husband had made me sandwich, which I devoured in probably 5 minutes.

Shortly after, I needed a nap.

Yes, a nap.

And FYI – I NEVER take naps. I was that kid in day care that would never go to sleep. The teachers hated me because I cut all their smoke breaks short. So me + napping is just WEIRD.

I woke up an hour later, threw on my jogging pants and headed out the door with hubby. We walked the first mile in a nice leisurely pace, and then as normal he took off jogging the 2nd mile, we’d meet up after.

Well, inspired by the whole starting over thing, and being the impatient person that I am, I decided I’d do a bit of jogging too. Yeah, that lasted about maybe 1/4 of a mile (and remember if you will, that my jogging is equal to a little old man shuffle).

I started to walk, the breathing hard and the soreness was normal…and then I hit IT. I don’t know quite how to describe what IT is, I guess you could call it a wall, but that’s usually used to describe complete failure in generally healthy running people. But I guess if there is a fatty equivalent to a wall when you’re basically pacing a 20 minute mile, then baby that’s what happened. I stopped.

You know that shot that they do in the movies when something dramatic is happening. That shot where they are zooming up on a person or thing, while trucking the camera back at the same time…it’s usually accompanied by some disconcerting strings and is to give the viewer an overall disoriented feeling. Yeah, that’s what I was seeing as I looked out over the little wooded area next to the trail.

“Well that’s dramatic,” I thought to myself, and starting walking again before I freaked myself out and passed out. It was one of the longest miles I’ve ever walked. Luckily my better (and more in shape) half met me when I had about a quarter of a mile to go and just having him there spurred me on. It’s gonna suck when school starts back up in a week and he has to go back.

I finally made it back to my front door, made a beeline for the kitchen, drank a ginormous glass of water and fixed myself a PB&J sandwhich.

And let me tell you, it was the best PB&J I’ve ever eaten. Ever. Maybe not the best choice, but I just had to have SOMETHING for gas.

So, lesson learned. No neglecting the fuel.

After I felt human again, ended the day well, 81 situps on the 200situps plan, 44 more evil squats on the 200squats madness. Tomorrow I expect there will be more screaming when trying to sit or stand.

I’ve done much reading today. Finally caught up on Jae’s wonderful blog, and through her’s I also found Allan’s blog. So much reading and much to digest. I am formulating my plan, I just have to have a long talk with the Dark Passenger and tell her to shut up, that I can and will do this.


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