So…I was a very bad person this weekend.

But, that being said, I am so excited! Against the advice of my Coach, who wisely told me that I should only have walked 3 miles this Saturday…I did 6.

Yikes! I feel so guilty for doing something like that…something which in retrospect (and forward-spect…) was a dumb thing to do and could have easily injured me and taken me out of training for a long time.

But. I guess I didn’t realize how much Six meant to me. It’s dumb, but Six just happens to be the longest distance that I was ever able to jog…for the whole time. About 3 year ago I was a “jogger,” as in, I had spent almost a year jogging. I worked myself up though the Couch to 5k program…and then started working on distance. One Saturday, I set out and completed 6 miles. The longest distance I ever jogged.

Then, a few weeks later, mine and Brad’s world took a little tumble. Details aren’t needed, but suffice it to say that we tried to help someone and it ended up biting us in the collective hiney. We were left financially messed up, and I turned from jogging back into the comfortable world of stress-eating. Not long after, I couldn’t even jog a mile.

So…for years I’ve struggled to get back to Six. I would go walking, jogging a bit, and every time I would circle the familiar park with my friends, or with Brad…I think each time I would comment “I just can’t believe that I used to be able to jog 6 miles here once.”

Six became an enemy…an unobtainable goal that I would sometimes fixate on. I would never “be as good as I was.” It was a convenient excuse to not try.

So, when the opportunity came about that I could do six miles again this weekend…I was giddy. Giddy like a giddy school girl. And when my Coach told me that I shouldn’t do it…I heard her…but something in me just ignored her.

Oh, and to top off my idiocy, I also tripped and fell at work walking out to my car the day before…skinning my knee and filling myself with worry that I had hurt myself and wouldn’t be able to complete the Six.

But, I guess something in my brain just wouldn’t shut up. I had to conquer this stupid number. So, at an hour that is way to early to be up on a Saturday of all days…I set out with my iPhone, 2 bottles of water, and 2 oranges.

"What am I doing up at this hour!?"

It took me 2 hours. Probably not a good time at all for 6 miles. But, I finished it. I conquered the Six. I didn’t jog the whole time (cumulatively I jogged about a mile in there), but I was able to finish and feel proud that I did it. I didn’t have to jog the whole time for it to be an accomplishment.

Some highlights:

  • Got a great parking spot at the park!
  • Watching the ducks sleeping – and not too worried about me not being able to!
  • Passing a cute little old couple who was cheering each other on
  • Listening to some great songs that I hadn’t heard in a while
  • Devouring an orange with my bare hands in speeds I didn’t think possible after mile 4
  • And the sunrise – of course!

Good Morning, Sunshine!

The last half of mile 6 was definitely hard! I tried to jog from the half mile mark to the 3/4 mile mark, which I had been doing for some of the previous miles…and I got a pain in my Achilles tendon area about halfway through…so I stopped to stretch and walked to the end.

But – Six, I laugh in your face! I have conquered you and look forward to doing it many more times in the future!

That being said – I promise to also listen to my Coach better in the future… 😉



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3 responses to “Six

  1. how are you doing now? 🙂 you must do 10 pushups for not listening hehehehehe… 🙂
    I totally understand the mental part of conquering 6. hope you are feeling well and still at it!! 🙂

    grace, patience, and determination……..


  2. Jae

    Girl, where are you????? Write, woman, write!!! 🙂

  3. Jae

    OH, and I forgot to tell ya…I have an award for you over at my blog. Come see 🙂

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