Finally a Morning Walk!

Ok, so after having a plethora of excuses…including a trip to Utica, NY for work, I finally was able to get my lazy butt out of bed early this morning and walk! I feel like I keep “starting over” over and over again, but I believe that I’m still able to jump back on to this week’s training program for Ruthie’s Cool Runnings half marathon. Mentally, I know I’m not starting over, this is just a long journey, and I’ve just had to take several small stops, that’s all. 🙂

In the meantime, since my access to time and a place to walk have been limited, I’ve been focusing more on my nutrition. It is SO HARD to follow through on this part, especially since my husband and I are living apart for this next year, and he’s always been the one with more willpower in this department (and he’s also the main cook in the family!). But, since we get to see each other on weekends, he was able to give me much inspiration over these last few days, as well as share with me some great quick and easy recipes that he’s come up with for eating healthier.

The kicker? I haven’t had a soda now in 4 days! Whoo hoo!

Here are just a couple of photos from this morning…I’ve got to learn to either take my “real” camera with me, or to come to a full stop when using the iPhone, lol! They are a bit blurry.

Yeah, it's just my foot...not very exciting!

There are several ducks at the park I walk at, I think they think they own the place!



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2 responses to “Finally a Morning Walk!

  1. Jae

    WOOOOWHHOOO! hi 5’s on the NO SODAs for 4 days!!!! That really was/is one of the hard spots for me.

    And I LOVE the pic of you walking. I do that too…not sure exactly why but its almost a mental (and literal) picture so that I remind myself. “YES! You did do it! YOU ARE DOING the footwork. See?” 🙂

    Keep it up !!! YOu’re doing GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh yeah!!!!! that’s IT! you got it! your so doing it! 🙂

    just stay on track… if you need to alter mileage because you missed too many long walks so far.. its ok! there is still time to get to 13.1.. just need to walk the “kinks” out ……you doing great!

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